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Gameloft Ripoff

44 Responses to “Gameloft Ripoff”

  1. lol this would never happen on the appstore. Just playing I had to make that dig :P

    That said, gameloft are not there to cheat people they are a big company and I’m sure this was a mistake somehow. If some got the real game and others got the 2D game that alone proves there is some sort of malfunction.

    • I’m not responsible for their malfunctions, especially when I’ve already paid money to play the game. There shouldn’t be a 2D version gameboy-like version to begin with.

      • I know I know, but you said that was such a cheesy move by them. Like they did it on purpose. Do you really think that they would? That would harm their image so much and not benefit them at all in the least.

        I was just saying that it was probably not an intentional move by them. I didn’t day you are responsible for their malfunctions.

      • when stuff like that happens usually later they offer the app for free to those who paid and got something else.

      • Yeah, screw those people who don’t have the money to buy a new phone that can run the latest games. They should get nothing!

      • The version is for low-end Android Device that cannot run full HD 3D games.
        Pretty sure that error has to do with your device fingerprint, Galaxy Nexus have this problem which is kind of funny since it’s a google phone. But fragmentation is a bitch.

  2. Jumping the gun and saying you don’t recommend any of their games anymore isn’t the smartest move. If they end up fixing this problem what next? Write a post about how they fixed it and how you recommend their games again? It would just seem rather unprofessional more than it already is. You know, how one game didn’t turn out right and you condemn every other game (for different reasons I know) but still not professional.

    And I do get how disappointed you feel because just a few days ago you were full of praise for them. They let you down, don’t make it personal though… I may be wrong on the last part though.

  3. Well, I was mostly speaking in defense of gameloft but I can see that point was missed. Not once did I ask you to run things a certain way. Although you clearly didn’t take my last advice which was not to take things personal. And to that I say I will most certainly not keep my opinion to myself which is what you’re basically saying.

    For the record, that 2D tintin game looks more legit than the 3D one advertised. Doesn’t make it right what they did which is bad. Hope they fix it.

    • This entire post is so Gameloft can see and fix things. You’ve misunderstood most of my intentions and dropped bombs on quick conclusions.

      Thanks for getting the message.

      • > misunderstood most of my intentions and dropped bombs

        Story title is Gameloft Ripoff. Pot, meet kettle.

        Plus they fixed it from what I’ve seen. Revise your post.

      • Yea I’ve noticed they’ve removed the app from the Galaxy Nexus market. You do realize they likely wouldn’t have done that if no one wrote about it. Already updated the post.

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  12. Its only on the galaxy people. This is obviously a bug that will be fixed, especially with money being involved. Gameloft games aren’t really that bad. They are 3D and sweet. This just sent the complete wrong game to the Nexus on accident. Nobody is perfect, if there is a perfect developer and game company please let me know.

  13. I’ve purchased Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and all I can say is the game is so great with brilliant graphics except you need to practice with the controls. As for Tintin I’m not sure about the 2D issue but from the videos on youtube played on android devices they seem to be 3D not 2D. You had 15 mins to try the game, no like easy click on refund button.

    • It’s kinda hard getting a refund when you have to download more than 800MB to play the game first. Which will likely be completed after the refund time limit is hit.

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