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Battlefield 3 BETA

2 Responses to “Battlefield 3 BETA”

  1. I also loved the gameplay, when you enter the metro section the sound and the destruction make you feel as if you’re in an action movie.

    Did you manage to get into the caspian border map?

    As for steam same situation here if it doesn,t go there im not getting it and it probably wont, I think EA wants a share of the Digital Distribution market on the PC since it is expected to overcome consoles by 2014 so they probably want to grab a large part of the market while the competition is still low.

    • I agree, it’s pretty clear what EA intentions are. But I can’t resist the game, already pre-ordered it from GameSpot. It’s a shame on EA is sacrificing sales over distribution control.

      I did caspian border map and it’s one of my favourite parts. I’m currently at level 13 and can’t wait to unlock more stuff .

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