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Basil Seeds Drink

8 Responses to “Basil Seeds Drink”

  1. خوبه :P
    مادري اذا طعمه حلو و اهو اب ابطاله
    بس الطبيعي وايد حلو و ينزل الحراره
    بالصيف عجيب

  2. my nieces loves this juice i dont knw why though at first they were like “over our dead bodies” lol 3wafii anyhow

  3. Kind of looks like that kombucha drink with the chia seeds. Ever try it? That was weird….
    Now I have to give this one a try. Which bakallah did you get at? Thanks

  4. Thanks for the info. Yeah the kombucha is some kind of fermented tea, one of them has these seeds in it. Funky looking stuff and taste!

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