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Cosy Places in Kuwait

15 Responses to “Cosy Places in Kuwait”

  1. A very nice list indeed, I loved both places and wish I can add to them but all the places that are coming to my mind are awfully crowded!

    Well maybe the cafes right at Al-Kout Mall right beside the big dancing fountain, been there yesterday and actually enjoyed it!

    I loved the maps, so informing :)

      • Hi … this info is simply fabulous! Do add more as you find them, even if this implies to “blow someone’s cover” ;)

        Kuwait is a heated-pleasant-sea-view-of-my dreams never ending source of possibilities! … even the option in Hawalli could work if I’m passing by and feel like taking some time to “zip and read”

        Keep the good work, keep Kuwaitiful!

  2. Great! You ruined caribou albahar for us, now everyone knows about it !!!

    But that’s ok, I still have one secret quiet location, aaaaand I’m not sharing, no thank you :P

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