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Someone Will Spray Your Car if You Hook Up with a Guy

24 Responses to “Someone Will Spray Your Car if You Hook Up with a Guy”

  1. Pretty douchey and not really funny. Stuff like this is why Kuwait is where it is at still while all the countries around it like like the Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar continue to grow and attracts millions of people. Kuwait can be a brilliant place filled with amazing people. It’s backwards thinking idiots like these moral police taggers who are probably doing the same things they are only guessing these vehicle owners might be doing and probably having a drink while they are doing it. If people would point their aggression and opinions at the powers that be and moral Police Kuwait would be a powerhouse by now .

    • I don’t think they’re doing it for the sake of morality, rather to have a laugh at it, but then again you can’t be too sure.

    • watch it , its non of your business , fix what broken in your country and better not to cross the guest zone in this here because as i wrote to you its non of your **** **** business mr “kuwaiti **** **** rights advocator” !

      * censored words, you can argue but please be civil.

      • Oh man. That is some pretty terrifying stuff. Please someone help me! The bastion or moral fortitude is going to make an example of this little guest Amreeki…Whatever shall I do!

    • This is pretty embarrassing . Kuwait will never be anything if they don’t stop such ignorant people instead of applauding such hateful and bitter actions how about we stand up and say you know what this is eff’d up and wrong and let us stop it . I will tell you right now if I saw these people in action spraying anyone’s car I would speak up even if I get my butt kicked . These are the kind of ignorant uneducated kuwaitis that ruin it for the rest .
      The reason I say people is because it could be females doing it .

      • Tag their car, then track them geo-location. Hire birds to take a dump on their car.

      • I don’t think he’ll be paying attention to your lectures while stab wounds are all over his body with heavy blood loss.

    • Kuwaiti people are the most liberal, most westernized locals in the Gulf. Kuwait is ahead of UAE, Qatar and Bahrain in terms of social development and social liberalization. Kuwaiti people are less conservative than Emiratis and Qataris.

      Among the Gulf states, Kuwait has:

      * Highest percentage of local women who don’t wear the abaya

      * Highest percentage of local women who work (female labour force participation)

      * Highest percentage of local women who don’t wear the hijab

      * Highest percentage of local women studying at Western universities abroad

      * Highest percentage of locals dating (openly)

      * Highest percentage of locals wearing Western clothing

      Among Gulf Arabs, it is common knowledge that Kuwaiti people are the most liberal citizens in the GCC. You are not a Gulf Arab so you do’t understand

      The air traffic outbound from Kuwait by locals on weekends is the highest in the Middle East. Amongst GCC nations, Kuwait has the highest level of Western education by locals abroad, the most frequent in travel and exposure to different cultures, highly entrepreneurship attitude, politically and culturally the most diverse, the strongest local media in the GCC, strong constitutional & parliamentary system etc etc etc…..Seriously, put your biases aside, Kuwait stands for a lot more compared to the rest in the GCC.

  2. What is there to laugh at? I think this is blatant sexism. They are obviously targeting women because they are too chickenshit to go after men that might beat the crap out of them. Where do we live – Afghanistan?! So the Teleban now feels they have the right to become vigilantes of their sense of “morality”? WTF. I hope that they tag one of the Kuwaiti police women and she’s waiting for them. Maybe she’s getting into her brother’s, husband’s, father’s, cousin’s car. WHOSE business is it anyways?

    • Brother or husband? Trust me that’s far from reality. I don’t know if you’ve seen those types of girls but I have, they park in designated areas widely known for hook ups (Kifan Coop on the image is one of them) and ride with someone that looks like his brain is still in high school. Not saying that justifies spraying her car but the guy is far from a relative. There might be a few guys car sprayed, but people care less about those.

      • I agree with you, Kuwaitiful, but who knows (you never know whose car she is getting into) and why should people judge? What do you mean “those types of girls?” The types that get into other people’s cars? Ok, so what if they do? What if people labeled me or you or your sister or your aunt as “those types of girls”? Who are they to say something like that?

      • As mentioned, it’s a designated area, both girls and boys know about it. Any girl would avoid leaving her car there to ride with someone else as a percussion, unless she wanted to do exactly that. I’m a guy, and being the community we’re in I’d be labelled a flirter at most (I too would avoid parking there if I were to step into a friends car). Of course it’s wrong to judge, and it’s no ones business but wanted to point out there’s actually these “types of girls” that guys share between each other because they know they don’t mind hooking up with guys, and there meet up place would be those designated areas.

  3. So basically I now can’t park my car up and go for a run or walk? Incase someone sprays it? This is going to lead to deaths—I can already see the scenario, daughter begs father to believe she went for a walk and came back and found her car tagged….

    • It can get way worse. Like a car getting tagged of an innocent girl and her older brother reads it.

  4. If I may, even if they are look I don’t know how, and they hook up with guys, or whatever, that doesn’t give anyone the right to spray or tag cars just for a laugh or that they are implying morals over those women!! Well why is it a shame to those girls and it is fine for guys!! I agree with the previous post saying it is pure sexism!! Also to comment on someone saying it is none of timothy ***** business and mind his own country, well my friend the guests are just giving opinions on a topic in an open blog that deals with things happening in Kuwait so if you are not able to accept some criticism please do not read and follow open blogs!!! Because as far as I remember Kuwait is still a democracy and as long as you are not crossing the limit of decency and not disgracing anyone then your opinion is more than welcome and respected!!! At least this is what I love about Kuwait and know about it!!!

  5. On a more practical note, spray paint is easily removed with some nail polish (which I guess most girls have handy anyway). Just put some on a cloth and gently rub the paint, it will come right off.

    Then treat the vandals car with some braking fluid, he won’t have such a easy time to fix it.

  6. It’s not only it blatantly sexist (a girl who ‘hooks’ up is no better or worse than a guy who does). It’s downright dangerous. Whoever is doing this is potentially putting someone’s life or freedom in jeopardy. I know a girl kept at home 24/7 just for talking to someone on the phone. It’s insane. I can’t see what’s funny about this at all.

    • Who knows, maybe a guy got his car sprayed too, but people tend to care less about those. It’s always more attentive when it’s girls, similar when there’s a girl fight.

      • I know they always care what girls do more (my kids r still young, but it’s how I was raised and 30 years later It’s still the same, my nephews can do what they like, my nieces lives are restricted so I know the score).But that doesn’t make it right, or funny.

  7. This is Absurd… I don’t find sexism funny not in any case and I don’t even like double-standards… I’ve been a huge fan of your blog, following every post, it isn’t until today that I decided to comment, I’m really surprised by how sexist this is, seriously, not under any circumstance can a person do this, even if she was in fact ‘mwa3da’, it is non of anyone’s business but the girl herself.
    Anyways, I’m not expecting much, after all we’re all getting the hang of modernity, hopefully in a couple of years from now, sexism, racism etc. will be dealt with accordingly.
    Good day.

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