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BlackBerry Messenger Coming To Android Then iPhone

9 Responses to “BlackBerry Messenger Coming To Android Then iPhone”

  1. The blackberry messenger, the one they use with a BB pin, will be available on Android and iPhone devices. This means you will be able to add your blackberry friend with your iPhone with their BB Pin and maybe have your own BB Pin, kapish?

  2. oh no ! people r going to abuse it :( , one of the reasons why i want android is to finally get rid of the blackberry messenger !

  3. زين يعني الحين اقدر اضيف اللي بالبلاك بيري بالايبود مالي وما يحنون على راسي اني احول ببي وله ايفون لأني ما احب هالخرابيط

    • Right now in Kuwait hTC HD is probably the best. But I highly recommend you wait because there are amazing devices coming in market very soon with dual core processor, 1GB RAM and 3D cameras.

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