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Aramex ShopandShip US Credit Card

13 Responses to “Aramex ShopandShip US Credit Card”

  1. Aziz, I ordered before 2 weeks from some store in US and they accepted my Kuwaiti visa. but they didn’t accept to deliver what i ordered to Kuwait because I’m using aramex. do you know any solution??

    • This happened to me once, I shipped the package to my brother that’s studying in the states instead and it all worked fine. I guess you have to find someone you know that’s living in the US who’s willing to ship you the package.

      • lol you know whats the funny thing! i emailed the store to check about that.. they said they want my right address and they will deliver it to me by i don’t know who. when i search about that.. i found out that this store will charge me more than aramex.. in 1 kilo around 20 kd and what i ordered is about 45 kd so the total gonna approximately 100 to 150 kd lol

  2. Its a good idea, but there has to be a better way of getting this done!

    Somehow one of the banks has to be able to provide a US Credit Card of some sort!

    • Well it’s like having another online shopping card. Except instead of having a Kuwaiti online shopping card it’s a U.S online shopping card. Since some stores only accept U.S based cards it could be useful.

  3. Hi,
    I live in Iran ,and I want to get admission from European and American universities ,this need to pay application fee by Master card or Visa card .
    in Iran we don’t have any master cards.
    do you have some offices in Iran that I offer an Aramex card and can pay application fee by that ?

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  1. Haya M. Alt said: (on July 22, 2012 @ 09:42 pm)

    How did you verify your billing address? The only place I could find mine is on my ID Card.. cant find it on my utility bill, telecom bill or bank statement :| LOL

  2. Kuwaitiful said: (on July 22, 2012 @ 11:22 pm)

    Haya Mt lol actually I dont use a U.S address, most stores if not all stores I use are fine with international credit cards but I know a lot of people that do need a U.S credit card. Maybe ask the utility bill to mention your address?

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