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  1. Rajat Sagar said: (on February 6, 2013 @ 09:20 am)

    I would just like to bring to your attention regarding a specific issue with the company qualitynet and their exhibition at infoconnect 2013. So they started infoconnect on 27th Jan - 2nd feb. I went to renew and upgrade my 1 mb connection, I ask them if they have any offers to which they said NO. I renew and upgrade my 1mb to 1.5 mb and pay them KD 59/- on 29th, I go with my friend on 31st to renew his and guess what, he gets an offer of KD 60/- for 5 mb. So I check with the manager and ask him...why are you doing this and why was I not told about this when I asked for offers, he said it’s a sudden change in plan! I say ok, take the difference and upgrade me to 5mb, he says sorry we can’t do that here and I need to file a complaint to HQ and see what happens.... I try and play it smart and tell him that no I don’t want to do that instead I will further upgrade to 5mb on the offer as I did 2 days back (1mb to 1.5 mb and pay the difference) the sales refused to do that!!! so I asked why you did it 2 days back and now you refuse to do the same??? they just didnt have any answer and referred me to HQ again. sad but true, I go to HQ on Saturday, and see that there are many people who are waiting for the same issue and all complaining the same issue that they were cheated i.e. one man paid KD 198 for 8mb and the very next day it’s for 90KD!!!! he too is told to wait for a week till qualitynet decides what to do as their GM needs to make a decision on this. my concerns- do all the customers know that this happened???? I dont think so... I would request Arab Times to take this up and publish an article on how qualitynet cheated and misguided their customers the first 3 days of infoconnect and made quick “HARAM” money so the customers who have no idea that this happened can know and file a claim with qualitynet and get what they rightfully deserve..

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