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NBK Launches Android App

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  1. I was excited about this app until it asked permission to access all my contacts and phone numbers. when I asked NBK why they needed this information I didn’t get a response. Disappointed.

  2. They use it for transactions, so instead of typing manually it fills the boxes for you. I haven’t really played with the app but I’m sure that’s the reason why. Just like why flashlight apps use camera permission cause it’s part of the camera.

    • That doesn’t make any sense, the only box that it would fill is the mobile number of the person you’re transferring funds to, which isn’t required to begin with. Besides that it access the call log to see all received and sent calls.

  3. Dear Kuwaitful,

    Thank you for your post regarding our latest Mobile Banking app for Android phones. We would just like to clarify the issue that you have raised regarding access to certain information.

    NBK has always been committed to quality and secured electronic delivery channels available to it, NBK Smart Mobile banking has been tested for highest security and confidentiality standards available globally today. We take customer confidentiality and security very seriously, and this naturally applies to Android Mobile banking.

    NBK mobile application allow access to customer phone call and personal information log to extract some unique device information (named IMEI) to protect customer application account from any attempt of fraudulent use from other devices and to make customer transactions more convenient and faster to be used by regular users as well as to be used for future enhancements and developments.

    NBK smart mobile application requests direct and explicit permission from the customer to allow access to certain phone features when the application is first installed on the mobile devise.

    We hope this clarifies your concern :)

    • Unfortunately your response does not clarify all my concerns.

      The IMEI number is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices, it has nothing to do with getting the database of call logs from users using your application, nor does it have any ties with reading the users contact list.

      The “Read Phone Status” is the permission that requests the IMEI usage, not “Read Your Contacts” nor “Read Call Log”.

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