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The Billboard Has Spoken

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  1. It’s not an anger management issue. If you compare the situation with driving today to 10 years ago, you’ll see a huge difference and I honestly and wholeheartedly believe (and I mean no discrimination in saying this) it is due to the amount of expat drivers. A lot of companies are sponsoring endlessly and some of these people come from rural countries with their equal share of bad driving. We all know how easy it is to get a drivers’ license here. Within less than a week, these people are given liberty to roam around the roads unsupervised.

    They have zero regards to something called “personal space” and this is culturally influenced. As a result, instead of cars lining in a civilized fashion, a 1-lane road is divided into 4 lanes and each car takes it upon itself to to consider racing against the other 3 as a life mission. The problem became WORSE when this exact uncivilized behavior started rubbing on people locally. Now everyone (especially our younger generations) are behaving the same way and if you’re a decent, law abiding driver you won’t survive unless you break the rules too.

    The situation is a mess and it’s getting out of hand. Plus, it doesn’t help that technology has now shrunk people’s focus and attention to the size of a peanut and everyone drives around scatter-brained with their eyes glued to their mobile screens.

    This is not a gender issue. It’s a behavioral issue foremost and a cultural too. Until someone starts enforcing serious laws, fining people, minimizing the amount of people getting permits or elevating the quality of driving admission exams, this problem is not going away. It’s just going to get worse.

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