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100% Halal

12 Responses to “100% Halal”

  1. ee wala so right ,, a9lan i dont know what the use of writing halal !! we are a muslim country kel shay lazem halal ???

  2. Id assume that the percentage would show you that all mc donalds products (meats) are halal. Even in their ads on tv and the cinema say that it’s 100% halal hence does that mean that the cinema or tv are halal? That’s ur mentality being “struck” by the potatos saying 100% halal every restaurant has it’s marketing strategy and its obvious that 100% halal is one of mc donalds slogans what’s new about that? To play the devils advocate I could tell you that I kill chicken by electrifying them, but I say bismilah o Allahu akbar before pushing the button, people do that in Europe and think it’s halal, it is half way (50%) through the process the other half is killing them by the Islamic way hence numbers can be placed anywhere why make the fuss about it, I would say what ur doing right now is launching an anti-mcdonalds campaign because of ur strategy of this post that aims at showing people that mcdonalds suck in their marketing strategies, lame post.

    • The percentage doesn’t show you anything, just stamping halal like most other places would do just fine. Electrifying chicken is in no way halal, it is not 50% but 0%. Putting halal stamps on electrified chicken is outright false advertising. You’re taking this post way beyond than what it is. I am in no way intending an anti-McDonalds campaign. I do enjoy their food as much as anyone else. The post is a thought I wanted to share like many other posts. If I were to go anti-McDonalds the first thing I’d do is share obesity data in Kuwait then compare that with how much calories is in McDonalds’ food.

  3. Sorry I apologize if you thought that I went beyond the borders with my comment, I’m new to reading blogs and I love to argue I wasn’t accusing you of being anti-mcdonalds it was just an example to show you that this post has no meaning just like what I said about u being anti-mcdonalds which also has no meaning. Great blog you have, but I was a bit skeptical on this post ;p my sincere apologies, Caesar.

  4. i worked in maketing for a long time, and my review about kuwaitiful post is amazing , why? because nowadays the kuwaiti market expand and focused on the marketing , so these kind of post warning us to not underestimate the kuwaiti young people and think thousand times before starting any campaigns not just copy paste from other countries.

  5. One way to look at it is that 100% could mean “guaranteed”, it doesn’t have to do with percentage of being halal or not. There are a percentage of people always asking about the source of meats so one way to say trust us it’s halal they use 100%. Like many stores using the word Original “a9li”. When your hungry you won’t really care if it’s 100% or 50%.

  6. @Ceasar: It’s all good, I love heated discussions too.

    @Rainy: Thanks for the support, make sure not to add th 100% in your next campaign.

    @DVLz: The exact same effect could be achieved by just stamping halal in everything. You wouldn’t go to the counter and ask if something was halal when it’s stamped halal would you.

    And I beg to differ about when being hungry. I do very much care if it’s halal or not even if I were starving. People are different in this perspective.

  7. Its all about marketing! Thats why state on the food! And honeslty there is no governing body that verifies the details of these statements!

  8. Well in canada it says “100% percent canadian beef” but that is just the name of the company. A strategic business move. So maybe they are copying the concept here, maybe the company’s name is “100% halal”

  9. the halal part is for the oil cause their is a rumors in middle east and in vegetarian comunities that mc use animal oil ( in muslim openion is pork) for the fries and els

    so they write halal about the oil not the potato
    and the 100% is that we are sure 100% its halal in our countries cause in numbered of countries and state they still use animal oils

  10. the percentage is there because in countries like holland (where i am from there are mixed meats (like gyros) and only part of it would be from halal meat since non-halal meat (especialy pork) is cheaper.
    some people are evil like that, and so could sell it like halal meat where in sharia it is not but for marketing laws of the country it is.

    and on the potatoe it could mean that the oil or whatever it was baked in is also halal or vegetative.

    and your in a muslim country but McDonalds isn’t a muslim company.

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