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The Online Gaming Community in Kuwait is Crippled

13 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “The Online Gaming Community in Kuwait is Crippled”

  1. Yea it really suck that we dont have stable connection im having the same problem please tell me if theres any solution

  2. Some people I know say that the best solution is to get an internet service from a company like Zain. With a router and everything.

  3. i am also big fan of gaming online specially COD. and i am using normal 4MB DSL Connection from QualityNet and it is working fine for me… as far as i m just playing online but if you are doing live streaming then maybe situation is different.

  4. The only way to get low ping in Kuwait is via Fiber Optic and I dont know if I will see that in my lifetime

    And really the only way to work with any gaming is via Ethernet even with Zain’s wireless router you have to use Ethernet.

    I have WIMD and honestly it has been good with Steam, XBox and StarCraft for me, they are all connected via ethernet to the WIMD connection!

  5. I tried services like but had no luck, it just didint work. But perhaps someone else could benefit from it.

    • PC, consoles are much less effected since many of the games make one of the consoles host, rather than use a server located far away.

  6. I PC game quite a bit, may i know what games you play? Because there are a lot of games I play, i use WIMD and get good ping!

    • hey man…im a pc gammer i play lineage2 ang my internet is ping is 1 mbps only,my internet is viva router 4g ligth..can you tell me wht internet best in pc game..plz…..

  7. Ive have a similar problem. I am a very active online gamer and i am using Fasttelco internet. i normally play CS: GO and i used to have a good stable ping of about 60-80 when connecting on dubai servers. Then im not sure what happened and the ping went up to to 120+ and never went lower again. i now normally play on 120-170 depending on the server and it doesnt go less than that. Other than that my router keeps randomly restarting at times, this is the worst , im in mid game and the internet just cuts off and i need to wait about 2 minutes for it to come back , in some cases resulting in me getting kicked or missing out or making the team lose, the download/upload speed is horrible. i download at about 350kpbs max…..i usually download throughout the night and CoD AW which is 61GB needed about 5 nights before the donwload was comeplete…. thats how bad it is. when i run the speedtest i have less than 1MB download and upload… usually around 0.5. I decided to try and get the zain hotspot , the small portable internet to see if it makes anything better, as 2 of my friends have it and have good stable ping of about 50-70 and 1MB + download speed. This was a big mistake. Ive had the zain hotspot for 3 days now and its terrible. The ping ranges from 70-300 , i second its 70 then it shoots up to 200+ casuing lag and glitching for about a minute then going back down for another minute. The download speed is also extremely unstable, at times im downloading at 1MB or 600+ Kpbs and then im at 50 kpbs….. Today i will be going to zain and asking them to fix it , as my friends have the same thing but its performance is much better however i doubt they will as i have contacted them over the phone multiple times and it has done no good. im hopeless now , i dont know what to do ill just have to settle with my crappy internet

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