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The Drink That Helps You Sleep for 400 Fils

11 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “The Drink That Helps You Sleep for 400 Fils”

  1. There’s another one at Boots calledd ‘Dreamwater’ (I think), my friend recommended it, but I was a bit hesitant to give anything like that a try.

    • Guys, you all who think its placebo or full of additices should study the label first, then judge. This beverage is made out of herbs only and contains NO colors, sweeteners and conservatives. So give it a try and stop complaining and misleading people who loves the product and get real results of it. Cheers

    • Good Night is 100% herbal extract while Dream Water relies on sleep hormone Melatonin and neuron-chemicals GABA and 5HTP to deliver its relaxation effect.

  2. mix of carbonated water,sugar,herbal extracts & flavors..nothing special!
    Chamomile & lavender tea a7san mna bwayed, plus it’s zero cal

  3. Just another marketing tool and placebo to trick your mind into falling asleep. But hey if that works, then why not. It’s not scientifically proven, first and foremost, and it’s not entirely healthy for you either.

    Best way to sleep: Close all technology a few hours before you go to bed >> Dim the lights >> Drink Chamomile tea >> Read a book >> and say Good Night.

    • Saying Good Night isn’t scientifically proven will help either, but they if it works, it works.

      • You never told us where it was sold. Where did you find it?

        And yes it might be a placebo. However, regarding the guy that says “it’s not scientifically proven” did you even search the net regarding this product before making such a bold statement?

    • Kindly check valerian herb in Wikipedia to verify its relaxation and insomnia treatment effect.

  4. Good Night® is a 100% herbal relaxation drink that relieves stress and naturally aids a faster and deeper sleep experience.
    Good Night® relies on valerian, lavender and rose hip extracts to deliver its effect.
    Good Night® is lightly carbonated and fructose sweetened with no sugar, preservatives or artificial colors added.
    Good Night® is already approved by Kuwait Ministry of Health for mass distribution.

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