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Drugs In Kuwait

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  1. To clarify one issue you mentioned. The divorce rate is decreasing in Kuwait not increasing. 90% of all divorces in Kuwait go through my cousin and he has the stats for all of the divorces over the past decade. Divorces are in fact decreasing at a rapid rate which is great news. Although what IS increasing is divorces due to extremely stupid and idiotic reasons but as a whole divorce rates are decreasing.

    Sorry, I just really wanted to clear that up.

    On the topic you’re talking about, yea it’s very disappointing to say the least. I see those needles around gyms and even on the artificial soccer fields too. Even in high-school when we were 16, and 17 I had friends who somehow found a way to get a hold of these drugs and use them. It’s the lack of passion families put into the up-bringing of their children imo.

  2. I searched all over the net looking for one article discussing how rates are decreasing, found none. All on contrary indicate increase. Can you please provide sources or proof, instead of text.

  3. I’m not giving you text (well I am) but it’s not based on nothing. I wouldn’t really care if I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was saying. Also searching the net isn’t the best source for this matter but I guess you’ll have to take my word over what you perceive to be the contrary since you as well have nothing but “text” that backs up your claim. I, at least am telling you that I speak to someone on a weekly basis who is in charge of roughly 90% all Kuwait’s divorces for the past 5 years and he talks to us on family gatherings about stories that have happened and gives us the low-down on the divorce situation in Kuwait. He frequently appears on Kuwait’s Quran Al-Kareem’s radio station to speak about it and I’ll tell you next time he’s on if you might want to listen in on the subject.

    And as of sources, I can give you his facebook if you want, he frequently addresses the subject. And as for proof, it’s up to you whether or not you decide to take my word because I can’t give you much else than what I’ve already stated above.

    • Listen jabba the hut, 70 percent of all statistics are made on the spot. We dont know u or know ur cousin and we will be fools to believe anything anyone said. So how about u put some facts to the words that come out of ur mouth. U sound like a dam 10 year old “ohh my cousin handles 90 percent of divorces”. Thats wierd my cousin said the same…. 010

  4. mn 9ijhom ya5thon kil hal ebar @@!!! o lish qa6enhom bel qa3 la 9e7a wala n’9afa ! ;

    el-moshkila inhom yfkron shlon shklhom by9er mn bara bs ma yfkron shqa3ed y9er bjsmhom mn da5el !
    esharha 3ala ely qa3ed yda5el hal chemicals bel dera !!

  5. neverminde, you’re talking about yours. Just saw the link. But I gave you the twittes of my cousin which is a direct source btw if you have any questions. It would be like asking steve jobs about apple products but you’d be asking Harith about divorce in kuwait. And show him your link. I mean at least now that I’ve said this, and gave you ways to find out for sure you can be sure for yourself.

  6. I just read the link you posted. The divorce rate did increase than it was 10 years ago but it has been decreasing for the past 5 years which. Again if you want proof I gave you a twitter account that you can ask directly.

  7. Very interesting topic. Speaking from my previous personal experiences and recent personal experiences , and my heavy knowledge on the matter i’d like to say the following :

    First off i’d like to eliminate the link between rising divorce rates to the use of steroids.

    Second The main problem of use of steroids in my point of view isn’t the use of it, but the misuse of it. Steroids are drugs , they have to be cycled with professional administration.

    Third , this is a big problem is “your source” alot of the dealers that sell these product have poor way of handling the drugs. And a lot of their drugs are played with, since slot of steroids are oil based it is easy to play around with and sell fake stuff. So if you are thinking of buying steroids : DO YOUR RESEARCH + FIND A PHARMACY OR A DOCTOR THAT WILL WRITE YOU A PRESCRIPTION.

    Fourth : If you are a first time user of steroids , i recommend the minimum age of 21 though some say 23. and i also recommend you start with a light oral steroid for your first cycle.

    Fifth : NEVER inject a friend that wants to use steroids , NEVER Inject yourself or anyone else , I.M. Injection are the easiest to give but they do have a procedure.

    the list goes on. more information will be provided upon your request.
    I DO NOT CONDONE THE USE OR SELLING OF STEROIDS, but will gladly advise you.
    Google is your friend, read and never believe what the “captain/coach” tells you, most of them are dealers and want to make that extra buck !

  8. Kuwaitiful, very nice post! Your post has thrown light on a disturbing reality and I hope there would be more awareness based programmes in schools, colleges and in soceity to help addicts overcome the addiction and dependance on drugs to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Its really a sad thing what youngsters can do to themselves if they are on drugs, without giving much thought to how they are harming themselves and jeopardising their future.

  9. And If Let say IF They never think of how this is effecting their health, lets take it as their point of view, outer look ! DO U REAllY THINK ITS NICE TO BE HUGE N HULKY !!
    its am sorry as my personal opinion is so not nice ! and am not gonna GENERALIZE but SOME girlz dnt like it too, if in any care am considering they r seeking other gender’s attention ;) Well picked topic, thank u for spreading the awareness ;)

  10. To clarify I in no way recommend anyone taking steroids.

    @Jab: Although there is no solid proof, I too hope Kuwait divorce rates are decreasing.

    @Kuw: Thanks I thought it should have more awareness, never saw someone discuss this issue before

    @Toona: I agree, I’ve met many who think the huge look is utter disgusting.

  11. Overall this is a sensitive topic but a lot of steroids seem to be illegal in other countries and Kuwait but people still get their hands on it.

    If it is to be sold then it should be highly regulated, not just any pharmacy and certain doctors should give the prescription.

    Steroids do have certain use for healing when people have damaged tissue but these are certain cases. These guys are using it for gyms when they really don’t need it, its completely superficial in my opinion when its damaging their systems because they are taking it based on their knowledge and not a doctor’s instruction. Also these needles can cause people to transmit certain diseases.

    Gyms should be incentified to notify people of the bad use of Steroids! I avoid gyms with those hulks for that reason!

    The blood test in Kuwait is a good thing and it has been implemented about three years ago now! At least people can see what they are getting into before they jump into it!

  12. Maybe I’m naive, but I had no idea this was such a huge issue in Kuwait. I mean, I’ve seen the guys who appear to spend 24/7 in the gym, and I’m aware genetically most Arabs/Persians aren’t ‘huge’ people. But I honestly assumed maybe those guys were the exception. Yeah, I knew some must be doing them, but I had no idea it was this big of an issue.

    Furthermore, steroids not only cause a man to be become sterile, but they also create heightened mood swings and violence — known as ‘roid rage’. Which could lead to further problems within a marriage (just an opinion). In America steroids are sometimes given to animals to clear up skin conditions — and we’re always told that animal may show signs of aggression while being treated. Additionally, there are murder cases in which a man has killed people due to his extensive level of steroid use and mood swings.

    Finally, though they will eventually be out of the blood stream and not traceable via blood tests — they can be found using a hair follicle test. And the negative effects can last for years, even a lifetime.

    Other side effects of steroid use:
    Growth of breast tissue in men
    Hair loss
    Stunts growth (height)
    Prostate enlargement (increasing the risk for cancer)
    High blood pressure
    Kidney and liver problems
    Weakened immune system

  13. Today when I arrived to the gym, I opened the car door, then I saw them on the floor, I was afraid that they will enter inside my feet dirctly :s they were not covered! come on guys! inject your self far aways and throw them somewhere far!

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