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Food Poisoning on the Rise

8 Responses to “Food Poisoning on the Rise”

  1. Eat healthy and always get your food from home. Food poisoning always comes from food kept for hours/days and recooked back.

    • being pregnant is one thing, getting food poisoned while pregnant is a whole different story, can’t imagine the torment!

  2. This is probably not a case of food poisoning. I have noticed that every year during the last week or two of April in Kuwait a lot of people get viral infections, many of which upset the digestive system. During this period patients visit health centers by the hundreds with similar symptoms, including patients who did not eat from restaurants. I have confirmed this with a few doctors of family medicine.
    I’m not saying restaurants have fully healthy food, but they are not totally to blame. Just check out this phenomenon next year;)

    • I do agree to a certain extend, my cousin got food poisoning but when he went to the hospital he was told it was a virus. However, my friends that got food poisoned all got it at the same time after eating at the same restaurant together.

  3. I’ve experienced food poisoning from restaurant food and local supermarket food. This is a situation that needs to be addressed and raise more awareness for.

  4. Two Things!

    One main problem is the way that food is stored at the Coops, some of the items are not kept in a temperature controlled areas so they end up getting spoiled, this happens more often then they care to admit.

    Secondly there is no way to let people know that they have been food poisoned by a location and when its 100% verified what does the place do about it, nothing really

  5. My friends and I got food poisoning from eating at Maki 3x before realizing the common factor each time we got sick was their food. I think we were in denial bc their food is just so yummy. ANYWAYS , now i think its way overpriced and way unhygienic. Oh, and the fact that I’m now seriously allergic to seafood all of a sudden makes me suspect they had something to do with it.

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