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Own Your Own Beehive in Kuwait

5 Responses to “Own Your Own Beehive in Kuwait”

  1. Thank you for your interest in bees and honey!

    In fact to make things easier for our customer we have 2 types of offers: the first one is where you pay for the hive and supervision and you get ALL that comes in the hive, we can also jar your honey for you to give away. Or you can be kind enough to let us put a hive on your property with all expenses on us and during the extraction period we give you 10% – 20% of the honey which is on average a good 2 kg twice a year if you own 1 or 2 hives.

    We pride ourselves in being urban beekeepers!

    Again thank you for your interest :)

    For any enquiries please contact us on:

    #savethebees #localhoney #urbanbeekeeping

    • We would love to have 1 or 2 hives and give you the honey from them and keep 10 to 20% ourselves. We already have quite a few bees in our garden and would love to try and help the bee population. My numbers are XXXXXXXX

  2. I am so pleased with this as my brother keeps bees in uk and I have just published a children’s book on Amazon called Berna-Beatrix about a bee. Look it up! I am tempted to get one but live 13 floors up in an apartment.

  3. I am interested in your offer to have a bee-hive on my property.

    I don’t have a front or a back yard but I do have front and back spacious balconies and I grow lots of flowers in them. Also, we live on the top floor in a building in the Dasman-Sharq area where there’s lots of greeneries and air-space area for the bees to have movement to fly around safely and happily. Hope to hear from you,

    (965) XXXXXXXX

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