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Are We Arabs Lazy By Nature?

14 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Are We Arabs Lazy By Nature?”

  1. I don’t think it’s lazy per se, I think it’s more like you said… lacking motivation. When you give a child everything and they never have to work for it, they never learn the value of what their efforts can bring. Hence Kuwaitis. Us Americans are only slightly better — we take a lot for granted as well.

    But look at countries such as India, where a roof and running water are a luxury in some small villages. Education is stressed at a very young age. Two of my Indian employees have MBAs… yet they work for ME simply because I’m the Westerner! They’re taught hard work brings reward. Kuwait teaches sleep all day, stay in dewaniya all night, collect your salary, and use wasta to get ahead. Which is why I find the youth of Kuwait so impressive — many of you really DO attempt to invest in yourselves and not expect the country to carry you for a lifetime.

    Whew, that was long… sorry!

  2. well depends, I swype my id and leave mostly at 3pm class why? because the fucking professor is not teaching exactly well not even a thing I could understand what she was saying ! sleepy and plus always talk about her family daily life, so all I did was to study by my own and there voila.. pretty well fine I must say. so depends.

  3. @AG
    It all boils down to lack of motivation due to having a reserved job in near future. I was asked by the same prof once as to how do they get motivated. I honestly didn’t have a good answer for him.

    I never had a class where my prof would talk about his daily life. I don’t pay hundreds so someone would stand in front of me and tell me how much fun her family had last year. I would seriously consider filing a complaint if I were you.

  4. It isn’t laziness but more of the expectation that we the youth get everything spoon fed without troubling or working hard into getting anything. So they expect that exams should be easy since that’s how they have had it almost their entire lives and trick their minds into thinking otherwise.

  5. Motivate a Kuwaiti man? Stick a bunch of females in his class. Oh, you mean motivate him to study? That has to be taught many years before university — in the home. Sadly the maid who is raising the children really doesn’t care and certainly won’t put forth the effort to encourage a child. (not all… sorry for the stereotypes)

    @RP, is it possible she’s just trying to think of a creative way to keep the attention of her class? Sometimes personal experiences can be really interesting, and convey a message. But if it’s making it difficult to grasp the subject, I would certainly let her know… or file a complaint.

  6. @Rummy
    True, being spoon fed has a lot to do with the laziness our youth bare.

    lol You need to stop generalizing Kuwaiti Men, not all of them want females in class. They actually cause a lot of distraction which will eventually get many males a lower grade than that of a class with all males.

    The maid raising the child is the saddest part of the story. Why would you even bother giving birth if you won’t bother raising that child in the first place? Now that same child is complaining the exams are too hard because the maid that raised him didn’t teach him otherwise.

  7. you may say that, but trust me its not cool why? cause it’s 3pm we neeed to sleep :( it’s the hardest subject ever and most of us LEAVE !! only 3 students stay since we are 38 students in class !! we really have many things to do for other subjects and we get sick of listening to her stories, and we have another class with her, also the same going on, so we’re tired of listening!

    yes it could be interesting, but not in the class, we paid for education to attend class and listen to subject matter and study not to hear stories that has nothing to do with the subject at all :( come on guys if you seen the professor, you could get lost ! I don’t even know what’s our subject is all about when I was always attending the class.

    come on 3 students at class and were 38, does that mean her stories is interesting ….

  8. Fair enough, not all Kuwaiti men are the same — I totally agree with that as I know some wonderful ones who have always treated me with the utmost respect.

    Sadly, the maids rasing children becomes a pattern. Mother’s can’t teach their daughters how to take care of a child, they can’t teach theirs, etc. Though there are also several Kuwaiti women who refuse to have a maid — other than standard housekeeping. But when it comes to the kids, she takes care of them. I think that’s best as children need the love, encouragement, and interaction with their parents more often than not.

  9. @RP
    Our class has around the same amount. On average 10 students stay, I thought it was a total disaster. But I never knew another class only had 3! I guess those 3 want that A grade so badly.

    You should seriously consider gathering some students from that class and sign a complaint.

  10. calm down please….you are all young people.
    when every one gets the apportunity to get education which will result to getting better income and higher life standard then every one will target that.
    the structure of labor force is up normal ….because , simply there is no minimum wage in Kuwait….relatively speaking , a plumber should make double the money than a government civil worker make……can you imagine a plumber makes …say 2500 kd per month …double monthlt salary of a school teacher….you young people.,,,must work on changing the whole structure of labor work…..then school will not make any sence

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