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The Harsh State of Taxis in Kuwait

10 Responses to “The Harsh State of Taxis in Kuwait”

  1. Seriously? I Am An Expat I Am Living In Kuwait From Last 8 Years. I Always Use Taxi I Have Never Seen Any Good Taxi Driver. They All Take A Hell Lot Of Money Above Meter. Because We Are Not Arab They Always Rude To Us. In Some Case When Midnight They Take Hell Lot Of Money From Just.. Just To Go Couple Of Kilometers They Take 2-2.5KD At Midnight Not Everyone Is Satisfied With Thr Work It Doesnt Mean They Are In Problem…. I Myself Came To Kuwait When I Was 19 I Work For 100KD PM For Few Years. I Dont Blame Anyone For My Problem.. Change The Work… Do Something Else…

    I Am Sharing My Personal Experience.

  2. I rarely take Taxis. Some drivers are good and decent. When they are, I feel that a little extra (0.5 or 1 KD to what we have agreed which is usually like 1.5-2 KD) would draw a smile of their faces and would contribute.

  3. Once again I love how White European and Americans love to talk about how miserable expats are in other countries but they don’t talk about how miserable expats are in theirs. I came to Kuwait six and a half years ago so that I could live freely as a Muslim without persecution. I had previously been living in Egypt for six months and the majority of my life in the USA. Let me mention that I am Puerto Rican, which by default makes me a citizen of the USA yet at the same time means that I am not exactly American. I will not go into the culture, politics and constitutional laws behind this statement as it will require a very long article to explain it. Needless to say that with the exception of freedom of travel in the USA we are treated as foreigners.
    When I first arrived in Kuwait I did not have a job nor a car. At first I would use the Taxi but after being charged 1 Kd for taking me from Fahaheel to Manqaf I learned to take the bus. When I had asked him to turn on the meter he said it was broken. This is what they always say. One day I rode a taxi with a Keralite friend of mine and they only charge 250 fils to go from Fahaheel to Fintas. When I asked my friend why I paid 1 Kd from Fahaheel to Manqaf he smiled and said it was because I am a Westerner and Westerners are rich. The irony was that when I came to Kuwait I did not have a job for 2 years. I made my way as a gypsy Taxi charging cheap rates to Westerners. My first actual job paid me 120 Kd a month and I was happy for it. It was later that I worked a job the paid me 300 Kd and with I saved for two years before I into my own restaurant, with contract and everything unlike others. Why do I mention this? Simple, it is because I want to provide a little background about me so that you can understand why I am about to say what I am about to say.

    In the USA taxis are not that different than what you find in Kuwait in most states. For example, a Taxi driver in New York will have to pay 75 usd per 12 hour shift, pay for the maintenance and into he drivers insurance.In some case he is require to pay from 25% to 50% of what the meter states. Also, they are not allowed to turn off the meter unless it is a day hire. A Somali friend of mine in New York said that he had to pay for a fake taxi licence in order to work two 12 hour shifts in a row and then take a 12 hour break before doing it all over again just to make ends meet. He also said he barely had any money to send home. Now those of you who have never lived in the USA have now idea at how outrageously expensive it is to live there. Kuwait is a lot cheaper than the USA. Now an Afghani acquaintance of mine gave me the down low about how much Taxi drivers REALLY make on a daily basis. According to him, during the week day he can make about 50 Kd a day and about 100 Kd a day on the weekends. He said that after he pays his dues to everyone involved he makes about 800 Kd a month. He sends 700 Kd a month home and keeps 100 Kd for himself. According to him every is charged according to one’s nationality, Kuwaitis paying the most. He told me that he loves giving Westerners rides because all you have to do is tell them how badly Asians are mistreated and they are hooked. I would love to see Mr. Allday go to the UK or the US and interview taxis over there.

    • I am in Kuwait over 11 years, and I agree with you 100%. I didn’t know in the USA is the same way of sponsorship and charging taxi drivers.

  4. Comparing maids and nannies working in Kuwait with taxi drivers is bit like talking chalk and cheese. I have rather a dim view of taxi drivers operating in Kuwait- their driving ability or the lack of it, and their unscrupulous modus operandi.

    While I have fullest sympathy for all kind of bonded labor be it in Kuwait or outside I am less sure how accurate it is to portray taxi drivers in Kuwait as the aggrieved party.

    On balance, am looking forward to some progressive legislation coming out of the NA in 2015 with abolition of the sponsor system and minimum wages bill for the blue collared. Amen!

  5. majority of Pakistani taxi drivers are criminals drinkers and involve in fucking Phillipino girls some girls offer Themselves too to avoid rent…. many taxi drivers going in taxi bbecause they can’t afford independent sponsership which around 500KD per year

    Taxi in Kuwait is bad good girls stay away from these and use local bus

  6. The only solution is hike the meter minimum price starting from KWD 1 most of the problem will be solved.

  7. I have 2 rules for taxies in Kuwait: 1take only Asian taxi drivers. 2 never ever take an Egyptian. 80% of Egyptians tried to cheat me. Ladt time a driver doubled the price after making a mistake, then threatened me and shouted at me because I’m not Muslim . I took photo of him and I sewed him to the police. Women, take only taxies driven by Asians.

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