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Looking for Japanese Speakers in Kuwait

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  1. Not sure if you might find this helpful but, usually Kuwait invites exchange students from Japan. If you’re taking the classes through KU, they usually can organize a get-together with these students. I remember a long times ago after completing the class, at the end of the course, they invited them over to chit chat with us. You can directly ask the department on how to contact them. They do change though periodically.

    Alternatively, the embassy is super active. Follow them on IG to stay up to date with their events. They’re also affiliated with the classes at KU, and the exchange students. Many of the events they run (cooking classes, film week, calligraphy, or traditional dance/music) are hosted by native Japanese, so if you don’t mind the ‘khab9a’ it’s worth visiting as well.

    Last but not least, I found a really cool website a while back that really helped me withe my classes. The idea behind the service is that you subscribe to an account and then you have to teach someone your native language and they teach you theirs. You can choose obviously. But the nifty part is that you can write small blog posts/diary entries in the language you are learning and they will correct your grammar for you. The features of corrections are really fun! In my opinion this was the best platform to learn daily-talk guided by natives. I used it a decade ago though so not sure what updates they have now. The service is called Lang8 (

    Best of luck.

  2. Oh I also remembered another thing. An ‘unconventional’ method would be to co-op with Japanese people in video games LOL. Trust me it works. I did it a couple of times. Mind you, not all games allow you to choose a region, but some do. Half the time I don’t know what they’re saying but I run around behind them and listen them to them giving commands like “heal me, where’s that potion, no, yes, help, stop,…etc”.

    Not only do you end up making friends but you have a funny/fun time :P

    • haha never really thought of that, that’s interesting as lang-8 won’t work well for me, I’m only learning how to speak and write in Romaji. What’s really helping me right now is watching animes, and pausing/repeating whenever I hear something I understand. The challenge right now is to learn how to speak their casual dialect. Kinda feels like I’m learning Fus’ha while they speak in Kuwaiti if you know what I mean, completely different.

  3. I’m learning Japanese too but I didn’t attend any course… it’s more like self learning → book + apps 頑張ってね

  4. I can teach Japanese.
    I am now in Kuwait,and gonna stay few years.
    If someone is wiling to study Japanese,please contact me

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