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What Would You Consider Art?

7 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “What Would You Consider Art?”

  1. art is something that deals with your emotions and senses such as poetry, literature, painting, lyrical dance or any kind of dance ..etc which can lead to artistic,and imaginative that could make others be inspired of.

  2. To me art could be anything that would take my breath away. Something that I would look at twice and share with other peeps is art to me. Ture everyone has their own interpretation but if it is a piece, which recieves collective recognition that is Art.

  3. all life’s accessories , if taken more valuable than relationships and family , doom one :D
    just think of it .

  4. The question is not so simple, how it could appears. :) Personally, I like this artwork “Confetti Death” and yes, with all my knowledges in art history, I consider it art, very suggestive and strong artwork, that I have seen recently (unfotunately only on the monitor of my laptop). P.S. It was exhibited in Art Miami, edition 2010 one month ago.

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