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Calvin Klein Manufactures in Israel

13 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Calvin Klein Manufactures in Israel”

  1. This is a joke post right? I think you should realize that 99% of the western companies that are brought in from the US here to Kuwait also support Israel. Either they have a shop in Israel just like they do in Kuwait, or they give money to Israel through the government. You can say that all Kuwaitis indirectly support Israel.

    Furthermore, if you support any sports teams such as football, most of these teams are owned by Jewish/Israeli people/companies, so you indirectly support Israel by watching and supporting sports like soccer.

    Trust me man, a shirt should be the very least of your, or aramex (who along with DHL/FedEx/UPS also have stores in Israel) worries.

  2. I hate football, so I wouldn’t care less which teams are supported by Israel. I just don’t want to be part of any store that manufactures in Israel, it is that simple.

  3. Man you should understand that CK in kuwait thier products are made in Jordan, but when you visit any other non Arabian countries you will notice that they are rather made in Isreal or Eygpt, when I was in Thiland 2 years ago I noticed all CK are made in Isreal. Someone told me even the collection here in Kuwait its not made in Jordan they change the labels from made in Isreal to made in Jordan just to not affect the market. Enjoy your CK! :D

  4. did you have to advertise that? mo nagisna more censoring oo banning because of petty reasons
    frankly i dont care where its made, and banning items from a country or not acknowledging its existence mo ma3nata its not there… denial! typical Arabs.

    • Many examples in the video are too generic with low probability, others are straight to the point.

      There is no denying the country invented and owns many of the things we see today, but I try to avoid supporting those who kill innocent lives in whatever means possible.

  5. this is a long conversation. I understand your stand and policy. but do you agree that there are two sides for this story? I agree that the palestinians are in a very uncomfortable situation. but also the israelies. both country are poor, although, israelies seems richer. I agree that there is a big problem with the settlelments ( settlers) who cause a lot of problems in the arguement . but there is also a lot of problems with the way palestinians deal with the problem. especially being very corrupted and very uneducated leadership. denying israel existance…while even the koran state that israel is the land of jews….is a bit problamtic. the israelies ( if you read the last 100 years history) did make their way legaly and illegali to israel…but mainly legaly! there was no state! the land was bought by individual from individuals! later a war started ( when the british left….long path of history)
    any way . I think to support a nation without understanding the arguement is wrong! the palestinians are new people 500 years old…they were invented ! and they use islam in wrong ways! which I belive is bad for islam ( espacialy obeing and being and iranian arm…) and I am surprised that the world don’t do anything where already …pfff….I don’t know how many 1000 muslim people die every day in syria and the arab world is quiet. but if one palestian die for lunching rockets to israel…the muslim world shakes…….do you think it is real…or just interest of people?

    • This conversation if continued will escalate to a much broader conversation. I have my facts, you have yours. I have my beliefs, you have yours. I do not want a make this place an open forum for political and religious discussion. I will continue to boycott Isreali products.

      Let’s leave it at that.

  6. I think you are very wise. I agree. I understand your point. I hope one day we will live in peace…I wish the leadership of palestine will be made with people made of wisdom such yourself. farewell friend.

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