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Abdulfatah Al Ali Caught Disobeying the Law

17 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Abdulfatah Al Ali Caught Disobeying the Law”

  1. Ummm, aren’t officials aren’t supposed to follow the rules, it’s in the contract that they sign “We will not obey any rules”

    or was it the other way round. hmmmm, with all the rule breaking going around, i’m not so sure anymore

  2. Hahaha the tags ‘corrupt police’

    He would’nt mind paying 100-200 kd find since goverment is earning millions vuia him and also he gets bonus

    Anyway he is international joke

  3. This is big! It should be on the news and they should do something about it. I’m not saying they should remove all the strict rules he made, cuz some of them are helpful but they should talk about how cops should also follow the rules and not be treated any differently than any other civilian. They should also face the same consequences that we do, if not bigger since they’re supposed to be the ones keeping the order

  4. r u serious? u caught ( took the time in the middle of a hot day to sit in yr car n turn on the camera for a min or an hr to catch) some guy in a uniform do what every other guy regardless of origin or color do over at that place?? we’d b lucky if we cud get parking in any of the empty spaces or car parks out there!! the cops/ military fight for this country……fk yea, they need to jump the queue!!!!

    • Are you serious … repetition of same crime or traffic violation is resulting in deportation .. and you think they are above law … do you even know what deportation means … when you Hav family setup and suddenly you Hav nothing .. and you are sent back to your country .. when such strict rules are applied .. then no one can escape laws .. Specially the one who made them .. so when they follow rules .. they get to know .. are they really feasible or not !

    • Law is above all … sometime we are going for urgent work .. and they put the ticket .. I went to farwaniya hospital .. needed to rush in to sign for something and with in minutes after my return .. the ticket was there … plus if they fight for country .. we do also sacrifice for the country .. we are part of country .. together nation rise .. not only cops make nation progressive and stable … every individual contribute thier sweat and blood to the country
      Thanks but no thanks for your biased reply !

  5. Id like to start by saying that being in a hurry doesn’t mean you can speed or run red lights or park illegally, even if its an emergency, because if you where speeding or running a red light and killed somebody in the process you dont just get to say that it was really important because it was an emergency. And if you get a ticket in the process of an “emergency” then pay and be done with it, consider it an emergency tax.

    Our streets are terrible and they shouldn’t be that way. They weren’t that way before, but with overcrowding and a traffic police force that became comfortable doing nothing and a public that expected them to do nothing things have deteriorated. If General Abdufatah has the energy to tackle this problem head on then Im willing to let him go for it. Which includes resisting all the wasta that people throw his way, all the sob stories about their tickets and why they cant pay, and if he has to threaten expats with deportation to get them to pay attention and obey the law then im all for it. I dont want people deported for small offences, and I dont think many have. But the streets need to be cleaned up and people have to obey the law, and guess what…people around the world obey the law because they fear the consequences of breaking it. Not because they are such good and honest people, so for the forceable future the penalty for breaking traffic laws in Kuwait have to be strict.

    Kuwaitis above all have to respect and obey the law, but expats have to understand that Kuwaitis cant be deported from their own country so thats not a viable punishment, but deportation is a potential for any foreigner in any country.

    If he can clean the streets up and sticks with it then he can park wherever he wants. I give him permission with my magic authority to do so. As well as myself to park anywhere, especially in salmiya and hawalli parking is terrible there.

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