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Al Qabas: Blogging on a 97% Decline

6 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Al Qabas: Blogging on a 97% Decline”

  1. Check back with me when you reach 10 years hehe sometimes its easy to continue blogging but sometimes when pretty much your entire blog is personal with stories you just want to get off your chest and your entire family, friends, colleagues start to follow it, you just feel a bit tied down and limited.

    Your blog has taken a turn in the recent years in which its geared at providing information as to the latest gadgets, cars, and such not many personal anecdotes or stories from the daily happenings in your life hence why you can pretty much find topics.

    Also you’re not that active on Instagram to lose interest in the blog :P I on the other hand, I’m a mess :P

  2. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and I might check my stats every 6 months (I don’t do advertising). Would I care if my blog is dead or alive (to other people)? I probably wouldn’t notice because it’s all about the therapy to me. I get to BMC and I don’t have to pay psychiatrists fees. If I get to help people along the way (which I hope that I do), that’s great.

    However, most of my other blog buddies have decided to quit at one point or another (some permanently, some temporarily) – mainly because they had anonymous blogs, felt free to write about whatever they wanted, but were later found out by friends/family/colleagues. I feel the same way sometimes and I have become a lot more selective about what I say and how I say it.

    Furthermore, blogging in Kuwait has become more difficult with bloggers being jailed and other bloggers being sued. I think that can be a deterrent to would-be bloggers.

    Facebook and Instagram are much different social media tools for other purposes. I’m on Instagram constantly, but I don’t believe it takes the place of a blog where you can post much more information. I use Twitter for short links/intros to posts on my blog, but again, Twitter is much different and provides instant information.

    • It’s interesting how we come from two different generations of blogging. Your generation of bloggers started leaving because they weren’t as anonymous anymore, my generation left because they weren’t making good money or they simply got bored. Bloggers being jailed in Kuwait I don’t see as a big issue because they have to be deeply political and against the ruling family for the most part. While the majority just want to do more food reviews.

  3. Its true about some blogs and things being changed, I for one enjoy what you have written! But being active on all mediums is tough!

    I’m back to swinging at it after the refresh! It took sometime, but I finally decided to go at it and fix the blog, front and back end and get it swinging again!

    I never wrote for the states, more just about what I like and what I have tried!

  4. المدونات لم تتراجع .. المدونات فقط زادت عن المعدل الطبيعي بسبب الدخلاء عليها .. ثم تركها هؤلاء الدخلاء لانهم باختصار دخلاء على التدوين ..

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