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Crime Rates in Kuwait have Decreased

13 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Crime Rates in Kuwait have Decreased”

    • We’re talking about a population of more than 3 million people here.. 12 robberies per day is nothing.

  1. How has crime related with Abdulfatah Al Ali ? He is head of Traffic dept and not criminal dept,get ur facts correct !

    On a Good note thats a good news !

    • It’s the indirect relationship I was referring to. He has instilled fear in people both locals and expats of consequences for not abiding the law and as a result reduced crime.

  2. No I don’t cause the “crime” I do in Kuwait don’t count a “crime” in other countries – in most countries .

    Check this out and tell me what “crime” they did to deserve these inhuman humiliations .

    The person who commets a real crime is a bad person , he will do it whether u instilled fear in people or not .

    An avrage person , like me and you , will not do a crime , he will do a mistake that Abdul Fatah will counted as a violent crime !! . Big difference .

    • I’m talking about crime in general, you’re talking about injustice crime whether be it from corruption or whatever. They are two very different subjects.

  3. the only people who feel that what Abdulfatah Al Ali is doing is wrong are the people who enjoyed the lawlessness in the streets and wish they could go back to those days.

    I hate to see overcrowded holding cells too, but there are no other facilities to place these people in. Should there be? of course but obviously the traffic department was never designed to have to hold so many people. (nobody ever thought that there would be so many people breaking traffic laws)

    The alternative that many people would prefer is just let me do whatever I want. Like “G” wrongly said the average person doesn’t commit crimes he makes mistakes? that not a legal argument. and its wrong.

    Just because you didn’t mean to do something doesn’t make it not a crime. driving like a lunatic is not a mistake, endangering peoples lives is not a mistake. Now forgetting that your car registration (daftar) expired can be a mistake, but the status quo before was who cares nothing will ever happen i don’t have to worry about my daftar or license or anything else for that matter, il just plead ignorance and maybe a little waste and get out of it.

    The only way to fix things is to get really strict until people start realising that they have to pay attention to traffic laws and regulations. People have to be afraid of the consequences. Before there were no consequences, thats why people are so shocked when Abdulfatah Al Ali started forcing the traffic police to actually do something. It was very uncomfortable for the police as well, they were used to doing pretty much nothing.

    I hope Abdulfatah Al Ali can succeed in this and that people will respect the traffic laws in Kuwait, then when new people move to Kuwait they will hear from their peers that they should be careful as well. And hopefully it can spread to others sectors in Kuwait.

    • Well till now , the only people I saw who’s afraid from AbdulFatah are with my full respect expats with no “back” – “wasta” . Correct me if I’m wrong .

      Over 70 people inside the cell with one dirty bathroom , people are sick and vomiting with diabetes and Asthma for forgeting to renew his car papers , waaaaw what a crime , I guess an Execution is better than living in this way . I know animals lives better than this .

      I totally agree with you regarding driving like a lunatic and a maniac in the streets . Those idots makes a great danger for us and our famialies .

      Kuwait is the safest country ever , and may it stay safe forever .

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