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Free Internet Coming to Kuwait

4 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Free Internet Coming to Kuwait”

  1. Dude , I think to things either it will fail
    Or it will have the slowest internet ever
    My internet company is fastelco , I got the 4x connection when at night it boosts to 24
    Dude I have never seen the internet hit 1mbps its always kbps and if I’m so so so so so lucky I get 600kbps you know I pay 400+(100% sure its more but idk how much ) and all I get is 600kbps thts like once every month and it lasts less than a minute ,,

    Dude internet connection in kuwait are not that good I know you might say I should be greatful and all

    But I’m paying a lot and getting so little

    Btw while we are talking about internet ,d the providers or the carriers idk what their called I think carrier for mobile , el mohim

    You might of heard bout mada the data traveler internet connection
    The one with no sim no wires no nothing just plug in the electiry and it will work
    And tht they offer 5upto10mbps speed

    One word , its bullshit
    My brother inlaw tryed it hoping he gets atleast 500kbps download speed,, he says its so so slow there is no point in it ,,
    There are a few places tht have the single delievered it is delievers in his area and avalible but slow ,, but altho I think they offer 1 connection plan which is 5mbps upto 10mbps
    and they got the offer that if u pay for 1 year u get the device for free

    and another offer is that you can pay and buy it and all tht try it for 1 week u didnt like it you get a refund

    Sry for the long comment and the bad grammer and misspellings ,, I tryed :p

      • yah its free and super good for people that surf the internet with patients i not only surf the internet but im a gamer i do alot of online gaming ,, thats why i need the hard core high speed internet if only my area fee fiber optics…

        btw your blog is so much nicer viewed from a computer ;p

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