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Girl Stabs Guy Trying to Flirt in Kuwait City

25 Responses to “Girl Stabs Guy Trying to Flirt in Kuwait City”

  1. There is no excuse for what she did unless she was being physically attacked. This is extremely sad. She almost killed another human being who has a mother, father, siblings possibly. I know she was frustrated and I too hate the things you mentioned but the fact that you ended your post with “but I can understand how frustrated she was” really tugs me the wrong way. As if there is s small percentage of justification in what she did.

    • Wasn’t trying to justify her actions, rather to say I understand why one would reach this extent of violence. She’s going to serve jail time for her actions unless wasta comes along.

    • What the girl did was very brave.. these guys have to be dealt with in the same way.. I’m surprised some people here are saying what the girl did was wrong.. as if what the guy was doing was very right.. More power to women

      • Nor the guy or the girl were right. The girl wasn’t wrong, she was very wrong. It might get the message through but violence is never the answer.

      • I have seen this kind of situation several times where male chases the female in order to persuade her into something, which is very wrong and i can imagine the fear it causes and terrorizes the victim who tries to escape, its really sad and shameful for the guys who does it, without thinking about the consequences,they should be punished by the authority.Having said that, no one has the right to make jurisdiction on their own, if someone is tailing her, she should’ve taken down the car plate number, called the police as she was being tailed,and have him arrested, this could’ve been a homicide, with severe punishment for the girl. Sometimes blood loss could be the sole reason for death.Its a foolish decision, which made the harasser the victim and herself the culprit.

    • I agree violence is not the answer .
      with that being said I agree with Kuwaitful on the “I can understand she was frustrated ” comment as a woman I will tell you some of these guys are extremely annoying and if someone is making me nervous or distracting me while I am driving than YES he is putting my life in danger , how many stories have we heard of women being chased on the streets till they crash ?too many honestly ,however she should have beat the crap out of him instead of stabbing him hey at least she waited for the cops to come I would have lectured him as we both wait for the cops lmao

  2. I think it’s equal parts – where I’m from what the GUY did would be tantamount to harassment. From that standpoint, which is obviously what she felt, I can see a level of justification. That said, you don’t do it. I’m not at all fond of the way women are sometimes treated, and she clearly had had more than enough. However, you can’t go around ready to stab people who you aren’t sure are going to physically harm you. But with all that said – I’m not a woman, and I’m not this particular woman. Only she knows if she felt truly threatened.

  3. I can’t even think of any right thing in this situation… if she was in danger i would say but because a guy wants her number? Havent she heard of ignorance… both are stupid… sad

  4. She committed a crime, she should be punished. Its not that she can escape with it saying she was frustrated. She seriously have some mental problems. Which good girl will stab a guy till death? and then wait for Police. I am surprised.

    • She waited for the police because she’s brave enough to face what she did! And she knows what she did is not right but you just doesn’t know how she felt!

  5. I totally agree with the female these guys do not know or respect the word NO. They are the biggest problem chasing girls on the road blocking and creating traffic jams. These guys do not know how to leave the girls alone they continue to chase the girls on the road but yet the police do nothing about it because they harass the girls on the road and in check points. This is the biggest problem in Kuwait. But Kuwait refuse to do anything about it but yet blame other nationality for traffic problems. I totally agree with the female on this.

  6. YES SHE COMMITTED A CRIME IN RAGE, MIGHT HAVE KILLED SOMEONE. Yet being a young women who lived in Kuwait for the better half of my life, i can totally understand her and even argue for her actions .

    NO she is not mental. if there is a mental person involved its the society of men who think chasing after women in his fabulous car on a highway potentially killing many other people in the process can win her heart and affection and ultimately lead to “getting her number”

    Put urself in her situation , you are being chased down the road by some random guy , don’t wanna die in an accident but don’t wanna get raped either, had very limited contact with males of her age and probably mostly in school, so you don’t really know how to communicate with them about this kind of flirty things , intimidated and not knowing what to do and ultimately resorts to something extreme….

    I hope guys (and girls as well) in this country learn how to flirt. Yes its possible to pick someone up on the street that you ve never talked to before , but come on guys that never works when you chase them down the road
    Its kind of common sense when you think about it but yea some people don’t get it

    Really really feeling bad for he guy who got stabbed because of his lack of flirting skills though….. his family must be appalled

  7. I have to be honest, when I first read this, I laughed like a mad man!!
    But I did notice that more and more people are carrying knives around…
    My guess is that If things keep going the way they are going, then in a few years, people will start carrying guns which sucks for the rest of us!!

  8. It does not matter from what angle we look at this post, it stay’s so wrong, and got nothing to do with girlpower or else. Show could have smack him. But to use a knive is oversteering the situation.

  9. I could totally understand what she did but I would have taken it by my own hands without weapons, if I were the girl, I’d go to gym and muscle up. After that I wouldn’t be chased around, at least if I were her, I’d feel less threatened. Either that or try to get away from him by driving wrecklessly.

  10. Take it that way… maybe she saved another girl from being raped? What really grinds my gears is… what kind of a person has the rudeness to follow a girl without her showing any sign of interest? I’m a girl who lived in Kuwait for 3 years and I experienced this nevertheless every day.. Some even followed me till I got to my house and some even asked ”how much?”, even though I was fully covered (not meaning hijab or abaya, meaning jeans and a shirt with long sleeves e.g) Can you imagine how insulting that is for a girl? I think they point of view of men is a lil different, because men are stronger and know they could handle the situation way better than women. Imagine you’re a girl, half the strenght of a man…I’m not saying that her reaction was the best choice, but I can understand her.

    • We can’t assume he might harm somebody later and go ahead and stab him, that’s nonsense. Even worse, you’re countering possible violence with direct violence. I know how perverted and immoral guys can be here, with zero respect to woman in streets, but she has gone too far.

  11. Bravo to the girl. At least, guys will think twice before harassing a lady in public!! I hope, more women will have the courage to respond this way.

  12. I think what she did was wrong to stab the guy.

    On the other hand if she had used a taser or pepper spray then that would have been great. Some of the jerks in Kuwait need to respect women. Rape is on a high even though you don’t here all the stories. Put yourself in her shoes. If you were a lady and got harassed everyday by some wack job on the streets, what would you do?

  13. I travel by bus frequently from Sharq to Salmiya with bus number 24 (KPTC) and i see a lot of young boys getting in at Hawally who behave literally like mad animals and monsters.

    They tease girls, pass lewd comments, fight with the bus driver, stand in the middle of the bus and fall over people, throw coca cola on passengers sitting inside when they exit the bus, tease couple sitting together.

    Its shameful all the men sitting in the bus are unable to help or do anything when such a situation happens because most of us are afraid we will be in trouble because the kids are all Arab and no expatriate wants to end up confronting the police.

    I totally understand why the woman reacted the way she did. It was wrong that she stabbed him, she had alternative means to escape this situation. But also shows the amount of frustration a woman might feel.

  14. Kuwait is in top list of eve teasing & infact this is getting in controlable … there must be some kind of security …. out to help young girls infact it also depend on girls how inviting they are!! i notice many of them are simply wating for a guy to approach them ….

  15. My sister in law was once involved in a car accident caused by a guy following her, he actually end up dead from the accident. Chasing a woman by car is a life threatening situation in many cases and has resulted in many accidents. None of us knows the state of mind she was in, was it anger and frustration? was it a previous bad experience that resulted in an accident? Did she had a genuine fear for her life and well being? what made her carry a knife in her car? can’t really form an opinion without all facts. however there should be laws against harassing women in the streets, I am sure there are but they should be implemented and there should be harsher punishments.

  16. While the girl was absolutely wrong to stab this man, these guys endanger the lives of the girls. My daughter has been followed, harassed, and even literally run off the road by guys like this who really think it’s okay to do these things. She had two men follow her all the way to our home. Her father was waiting in the street when she pulled up with them right behind her. But what if he weren’t home? What would they have done. Without hard consequences for this behavior, girls are in more and more danger. This has to stop.

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  1. Mnfear Argon said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 09:14 am)

    Flirt ?? From what ive heard it was more of a sexual harassment! Stabbing might be somewhat exaggerated but, from my POV she was only defending herself of something that might wouldve come more dangerous.

    • Kuwaitiful said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 09:32 am)

      stabbing was somewhat exaggerated? It was extremely exaggerated, you cant go about stabbing people because their tailing you when driving.

    • SouthernTexas Barbie said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 01:42 pm)

      But Kuwaitiful some of these men here dont know what the meaning of no or just leave the women alone means cause as a women here in Kuwait I face this also but I would never stab any one for flirting but women can only take so much though...

    • أم عباس زوجة عبدالله said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 03:33 pm)

      Well, at least she didnt flee after that...

    • Kuwaitiful said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 06:48 pm)

      SouthernTexas Barbie I understand where youre coming from, which is why I mentioned I can understand her rage on the blog post but stabbing someone else should never be a justifiable option.

  2. Allwyn Rodrigues said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 10:32 am)

    serves him right.. should teach a lesson to others too who do the same

  3. Dod Bill said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 01:37 pm)


  4. Kathryn Farrington said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 12:59 pm)


  5. Mustafa Harmoush said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 11:44 am)

    He deserves that

  6. RoRo Alsaeed said: (on December 18, 2013 @ 09:29 am)

    كفو هههههههه

  7. Pankaj Khemani said: (on December 24, 2013 @ 12:29 pm)

    Its my time.

  8. Geo Antoun said: (on December 20, 2013 @ 12:30 am)

    can we know what kind of cars he was driving maybe if has a ferari she wud jump into his car ..

  9. Ali Abdulla said: (on December 19, 2013 @ 11:07 pm)

    What the girl did was wrong. Unless it was self-defense, you cant just stab people because they get on your nerves. Im not saying what the guy did was right either, people like him are what makes the streets and roads of Kuwait unpleasant. The guy should have been reported without the unnecessary violence.

  10. Ummi Goran said: (on December 19, 2013 @ 07:11 pm)

    Some cases make us fed up as a woman

  11. Ali Al-Methen said: (on December 19, 2013 @ 05:37 pm)

    Its really fucked up to something like this happen. I cant imagine whatll happen to both the guy and girl.

  12. Joyce G Lucenes said: (on December 19, 2013 @ 07:59 am)

    Agreed Kuwaitiful but maybe it is not just an act of flirting that leads to that unintentional option... maybe it is beyond flirting.... i guess so...

    • Kuwaitiful said: (on December 19, 2013 @ 06:56 pm)

      Only the girl would know the answer to that question.

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