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Halloween Racism

23 Responses to “Halloween Racism”

  1. Well it Really hurts how others think of u specially when they get the wrong idea.. Ɓυτ u should let that gets to u.. U should stand out and change that idea..
    And It’s good they start this campaign it helps

  2. I see where they’re coming from but I personally don’t agree with this. The costumes people wear during Halloween should be fun and not be taken seriously at all. Just because someone wears a stereotype (Arab terrorist, a costume that I’ve seen on a girl in Kuwait, and Mexican on a donkey) does not mean they believe it to be true. There’s no harm in poking fun at stereotypes the media has implanted in people’s mind since the past (i.e. Mexican on a donkey) and today (i.e. Arab terrorist).

      • In general, you really cannot please everyone. It’s not wrong to wear any stereotype. It’s just a little below the belt but you know what? It’s Halloween. I’ve seen someone wear a blue jumpsuit with a floor brush. When I asked what the costume was, the person said, “I’m a Bengali!” Things like that are just supposed to be funny. Making a joke out of something is much better than actually believing it.

      • I understand Halloween to you is considered the time of year to just have fun and pinch some stereotypes for a some laughs. But that’s your point of view, many would disagree and many would be upset over them being stereotyped. Kudos to the kids over at Ohio University for raising awareness of this issue.

      • with all do respect but there’s nothing that can justify racism wether it’s halloween or any other occasion.. ppl should avoid dressing up as someone’s culture or ethnicity because It’s like u’re making fun of them and their beliefs and if u really think abt it I doubt that u would not find it very amusing if someone was making fun of u.. so what u don’t accept upon urself u shouldn’t accept upon others.

      • terrorism isn’t something that should be associated with Arabs/Muslims, its not our culture nor religion. its enough as it is that the western media always portrays us as terrorists. If the guys in the party rode a camel, I wouldn’t mind it that much, its still stereotyping but its something that we used to do along time ago, but its understandable because it used to be part of culture, and still is but in a different way. Let me give you an offensive example that would apply to Christians. I don’t know if you have heard, but lately there were lots of news about priests abusing young kids in the churches. So if I would go to a Halloween party dressed like a priest and maybe have a “kid doll” and be inappropriate with it, do you think they would find that funny? I don’t think so. In the same way I dont want them to portray me, a Muslim as a terrorist since its not me, and its definitely doing my religion and my culture harm.

  3. i support this campaign! ppl should know that not everyone are cool about this. just imagine if non white make fun of white. see how angry they can be. but if we wanna voice out our disagrement , it seems like its not a big deal for them . how unfair it can be

  4. I don’t think it’s a problem. It’s not hateful and nobody means anything bad by it – infact I think the oversensitivity is a problem. I’m from Scotland and see absolutely nothing wrong if an American guy puts ona a kilt (guys skirt) and a sporran. It’s all in fun.

    • scottish culture is not stereotyped and it is not judged in the same way as arabic, muslim cultures are these are cultures that suffer every day because the ignorance of the others that put them all under one category terrorists, undeveloped and looked at with inferiority .. I don’t think u’ll get it coz may be u’ve never tried the feeling of ppl judging u and making u feel different from them. And in general I’m against using anybody’s culture as joke or for fun

      • Actually, you don’t know what it’s like to be Scottish so you can’t say how it feels for me either. If the stereotype is hateful, then it’s a problem. But I don’t think putting on a dishdasha is insulting. Yes – if it is a bomb, then that’s a problem and I can see why people might feel annoyed. However, these costumes are insulting the ignorance and making fun of the fact silly stereotypes exist. Not the culture.

  5. common, don’t take it personally, this ad is total BS. However the hilarious meme it produced is hilarious,.

  6. one day they will protest dressing as zombies because someone who had a dead relative will protest it

    sensitive people should never be taken seriously

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