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Kuwait Clubs to FIFA: Let Our Players Play

5 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Kuwait Clubs to FIFA: Let Our Players Play”

  1. i don’t follow football much so excuse my limited knowledge on the subject. but isn’t it kuwait’s fault that the football association here is not able to follow fifa rules (unfair rules, complicated rules maybe, maybe not, but not able to abide by them)?

    shouldn’t the kuwait football clubs send a letter to the kuwaiti football association requesting that they follow the same rules that all other countries football associations follow in order to participate?

    Am i way off? am i being unfair?

    • No it’s not Kuwait’s fault that Kuwait is suspended from FIFA. Kuwait is being unfairly targeted. FIFA is extremely corrupt and an embarrassment, everyone knows that. What is very strange is they placed us under these sanctions before any law was passed, it was just a draft. We cannot be banned for something that has not happened.

      Kuwait didn’t do anything to deserve a ban. It is Sheikh Ahmad al Fahad’s fault. He’s very powerful and influential in FIFA and other international sport federations. He used his influence within FIFA to target Kuwait. He’s the black sheep of the ruling family, plotted coup against the government and ruling branch of the ruling family, insulted the Emir, and he is banished from Kuwait. He lives in London and Doha.

      If you read Kuwaiti newspapers or know anything about the parliament, you would know that most MPs blame Sheikh Ahmad al Fahad and Kuwait will sue FIFA for this unfair ban (that has no basis whatsoever). How can they expel a country because a proposal? a proposal that has not happened!

      Ahmad al Fahad is very powerful not just in international sports but also in the blogsphere in Kuwait. He pays many bloggers… I won’t name names, but some of the most popular english blogs in Kuwait are under his influence

      I hope everyone in this blog reads about this man and his brothers and what they have done to sports in Kuwait, not just sports but to every sector they have been involved with.

      • he was the Kuwaiti representative to fifa right? doesn’t that make it Kuwaits fault that they were not in compliance? its not like the kuwait federation was completely following the rules and they were unjustly sanctioned for it. Saying that it was a particular persons fault doesnt change the situation since said person was in charge of the federation. His policies became the federations policies.

      • dezrtninja:

        No he was not Kuwait’s representative to Fifa. He has nothing to do with representing Kuwait.

        Ahmed al Fahad is the leader of many Fifa groups. He is very influential in Fifa because he controls many of the committees.

        He’s exiled from Kuwait and is targeting Kuwait on the outside using the power and influence he has within Fifa.

        Kuwait was in compliance and is still complying with all the rules.

        Kuwait has not broken any rules. Fifa is an extremely corrupt organization. They banned Kuwait simply because of a draft proposal.

        It is very strange is they placed us under these sanctions before any law was passed, it was just a draft. We cannot be banned for something that has not happened. It is illogical. Fifa is a joke.

  2. p.s. im not against Kuwait. Not trying to troll football fans or you. Im just trying to be shine light on the cause of the problem regardless if the cause is inconvenient or embarrassing.

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