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Kuwait has Zero Tolerance for New Years Parties

6 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Kuwait has Zero Tolerance for New Years Parties”

  1. Fake news. The source is Gulf News, quoting Al-Anba newspaper. Al-Anba newspaper didn’t report the story in the first place.

    Gulf News basically recycled an old story from 2013-2014 by reporting it as new news….

    Kuwait Times and Arab Times haven’t reported the story, neither have any local Arabic newspapers in Kuwait.

    The only media outlets who’ve reported the story are: Gulf News and Arabian Business.

      • The Arab Times story is more realistic and less sensationalist than Gulf News.


        – All security campaigns will be held after midnight.

        – Arab Times doesn’t mention mixed-gender parties being banned in New Years Eve.

        – Arab Times mentions a municipality proposal about erecting tents in the desert that have illegal midnight parties that involve both sexes.

        – Arab Times mentions that field patrols will be deployed to various roads, some apartments, and also major hotels and restaurants where parties and concerts are held with permission from the authorities to ensure safety of all.

        So basically, there will be field patrols to ensure safety of the people (the same way there are field patrols ensuring safety in husseiniyas).

        The field patrols will be deployed after midnight because all campaigns will be after midnight.

        – Arab Times mentions that parties and concerts will be held during New Years Eve with permission from the authorities.

        Gulf News has an agenda against Kuwait and changed the entire story into something else.

        Please correct your post.

      • It makes no sense to alter my article, because two different articles source the same article but you have preferential treatment on one of them and not the other. Both Arab Times and Gulf News mention they extracted their information from Al-Anba, with different authors you obviously get different information.

        This discussion is closed.

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