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Kuwait Named World’s Worst Country for Expats.. Again

22 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Kuwait Named World’s Worst Country for Expats.. Again”

  1. I think its mostly because of Kuwaiti attitude and wasta culture. Many Kuwaiti people are nice but i have heard stories about the ones from hell.

  2. Kuwait is one of the best place to work and live but you need to be away from few bad peoples (locals). Yes changes in attitude of Kuwaiti people can change the survey result.

  3. Looking on the bright side, at least we are in the list of top 64 expat destinations even though we are the last.

    Think of the conditions in countries that didn’t merit a mention!

  4. The problem is education. Most of the kuwait new population have poor or no education. They treat their maids like slaves and think all other expats are slaves too. You can make out from the way the new generation speaks. No respect, no discipline towards others. All this should change and compulsory education should be made available. Instead of giving free money to each family, the money should be given to family who send their children to school so that more parents are forced to educate their child.

    • Most Kuwaitis are educated, Kuwait has one of highest literacy rates in the world.

      Kuwait has the largest number of Western-educated citizens in the GCC.

      • You know, I do agree that the majority of Kuwaitis are well educated, but some of them does not have attitude or respect. Probably because their family neglected them or weren’t aware of an issue. Being nice in Kuwait for instance smiling in someone’s face makes them feel like they are being harassed. I know is may sounds weird, but this is something is not experienced in here.

  5. What astonished me is that Israel is in the 36th place which makes me suspicious about their survey,whether their survey is accurate or not….in other hand we all know Israel its the worst place for Arabs and Muslims especially Palestinians……Kuwaitis if they reduce the attitude it will reach the top..kuwait government itself made the citizens to behave like that..and also some expatriates they behave,act & show attitude just like kuwaitis so that they can get respect like kuwaitis. ..which makes me sad…but Bahrain,UAE & Oman so far are the best in GCC for expatriates.

    • You had to bring in your hatred towards Israel into a topic that had no relation to it, eh??? Brother, whether you believe/ accept it or not… Israel is one of the oldest countries, and will remain among the till the last, cos that is a nation handpicked by the Lord as His people.

      Kuwait is almost home for me, since I was brought up there… but let me tell you, the only thing people have got over there is, the worst behaviour (no manners, respect to parents, values, foreigners, etc…). If you see any Kuwaiti with a difference, that’s cos they would have been educated abroad!

      • That’s so not true, I’ve met great respecting, understanding and humble Kuwaitis who were raised here and educated here. Don’t judge an entire nation based on the few you’ve met.

        On another note, just because Isreal is an old country doesn’t mean it has the right to take over someone else’s house, area, land, life.. that’s the most absurd statement I’ve heard. You don’t kill people, torture people, take away what they have, then say it’s okay we were chosen by God.

    • I’m suspicious about the survey too. Uganda is ranked #45 so Uganda is ranked better expat destination than Qatar. Uganda is a very poor country full of poverty and corruption. Why would any expat migrate to Uganda?

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  7. A lot of fantastic people are living and working in kuwait.

    However, there are so many arrogant ones, extremely rude, at limit of racism. The driving style is one of the most dangerous in the world, if you’re expact hope and pray to never have a car accident, expacts are always wrong.

    Pray that no one lady will accuse you to have touched her or her kids in a shopping center or hypermarket: immediate jail.

    Is not the worst place to live, if I think to countries with civil war or IS.

  8. Have heard that other GCC nationals even say ‘Kuwaitees, and (over Saudis)… have black hearts, cos of their money’. Personally, I feel Kuwaitis are good, but the other Arab speakers like the Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, a handful of Iraqis, Egyptians… screw up the perception of the Kuwaiti nationals!
    But overall, even in 2015- a lack of respect, slave like treatment, super preferential treatment for Kuwaitis (& white skin), 100% lack of manners (by even the kids) can still be seen. Having brought up there, Kuwait was my home, but a late realization of all these reasons that hit me, was one of the major factors me that forced myself to relocate to my native in 2011- Know many others who are moving out at this very moment.

  9. I have been in Kuwait for 27 years & I totally agree with this survey. You will agree to this survey through experience, right from arrival at the airport! Travel to Dubai and see the world of difference – I am only talking about the citizens of the respective countries. None of the other Middle-East countries like Kuwaitis & Saudi Arabians. Most of the expats hate Kuwaitis because of their attitudes & behavior in daily life.

    • I’m really sorry for you to experiencing rudeness from Kuwaitis, but there is nice people here in Kuwait. We can all agree that the majority of Kuwaitis are rude and does not have manners and attitude. I think it depends on the person himself, the way he was teach taught about values and manners.

  10. The survey shouldn’t be taken seriously because Uganda is ranked #45. Uganda is a very poor country full of poverty and corruption. Why would any expat migrate to Uganda?

    Uganda is ranked a better expat destination than Qatar.

  11. Look around you, people !!

    The place is an absolute dump. For an oil rich country, you should be asking where is it all going.
    The money certainly going into any of the civil infrastructure, is it.

    The country is in chaos, and no end in sight.
    I’ve been here for 13 years, and seen it roll back, with no forward momentum like the other GCC countries…….

  12. No doubt about it. Govt rules, local attitudes, no place for family leisure , not even good parks and some kind of fear factor always prevails.

  13. The worst place? I don’t think so. You get good and bad everywhere. Yes there are some crazy people but there are more lovely, genuine people. It depends whether you integrate or look at. I feel safer here than anywhere. And life is good….If you take the time to learn. Expats are expats for a reason. You’re not forced to live here. Maybe the dissatisfied expats should return and realise what they actually benefit from. Just saying.

  14. I have been here for almost 2 years now .
    and from the moment you land and the first local you meet , the passport control officer , you know there is something wrong .and from there you start a journey of random racism , and if you think it is limited to expats you should see how locals shame each other for being from different origins (Iraq,KSA,Iran,etc..) , different areas , or even different families .first i thought to my self well those could be just some random locals that aren’t really educated to understand what they are saying and that the way they treat expats as slaves or subhumans is wrong . until i had a meeting held in my department manager’s place , and saw him beating his housemaid for something completely insignificant and threaten her . i got called ” zalama ” while standing in line at the groceries , i was denied my long waited turn for a check up at al-salmiya clinic because a local woman didn’t feel she should wait like every one else . i had to suck it up when a young lady hit my car from behind while at the traffic light and accident investigation officer said it was my fault .with only two years in here there might be things i don’t know under the surface and there are alot more incidents where i had experienced local unexplained rudeness and i can’t say i managed to befriend one of them to say ” they are not all alike” from my personal view but im sure they aren’t . im going back home soon , i wished to return with good stories or impressions of that country and it’s people but it doesn’t seem so .

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