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Kuwait Plans to Limit Cars Owned Per Person

17 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Kuwait Plans to Limit Cars Owned Per Person”

  1. Am I the only one wondering how is this supposed to help with the traffic? It is not like you can drive multiple vehicles at the same time, even if you own them (!). :)

    • If you have seven family members and seven cars in the house each one would take one car and leave but if u have 2 or 3 cars then u might start the concept of car pooling like 3 people in one car ..that ways there will be less cars on the roads..

      • But can’t each family member own his own car? If they limit the number of cars per family then your comment would make sense, but this is not the case. Seems like they are shooting in the wrong direction. As others mentioned, a decent and modern public transport system would do it, I would be the first one to use it.

      • Yeah they should have some kind a decent public transportation system then it would benefit all..even if they put a limit on cars per family it should be substatial and thehy should look at the size of the family like how many members are there..

  2. They are still mulling on the metro fact, will see when that really pans out. In the meantime, how about fixing the roads and a better drainage system for the next rainfall? I can list more but I believe these two will do for now.

  3. Increase the price of gas by atleast 200 percent, develop a nationwide, FAMILY-FRIENDLY (not like the kptc buses) and subsidize them, increase the fee for paid public parking by 500fils for every hour, and after doing all that, DO NOT increase the salaries of kuwaiti citizen…

  4. Well, Despite what this Info is going to change or not, i have conclude today what kind of Bloggers you are today, am an expat and i feel chocked to see these kind of news manipulated by bunch of bloggers like you did to blame it again on expats, i really wonder what privilege for expats do you see in this !!?? i travel around all GCC’s and this mentality exist only in Kuwait. no wonder why the country is regressing in comparison to the rest who are getting more open and accepting expats, while some Kuwaitis are surfing on expats hate and a non tolerance to hide the deep deploring situation of the social mechanics.

    • Have you even read this blog post before commenting? Where did you find all this expat hate or blame in my article? Only thing I brought up was expats will get one car, which is directly from the source article.

      I have nothing against expats, certainly not hate. Please do not put words in my mouth.

  5. the article posted in FB was titled :( It was bound to happen sooner or later..

    Of course like many rules in Kuwait, expats get different privileges than nationals. !!! )
    If you were trying to generate clicks .. you did well, but have you ever thought about the impact of this kind of words on your fellow citizens ! i truly doubt .

    • i agree, everyone can drive only one car at a time. but if you have 5 adults in a family, each drives their own car (obviously i am talking about a Kuwaiti family coz expats aint got that luxury of each family member owning his own damn car).. so we would get 5 cars leaving from one house.. The traffic will remain the same unless mass transport system isnt introduced

  6. “Each Kuwaiti can own upto 2 cars, and, each expat can own upto 1 car.”
    So in a normal Kuwaiti family, if there are atleast 5 adults who drive, and have enough money, can own, as they say upto 10 cars.

    A young average expat like me who has a family (1 wife and 1 child) can own 2 cars. 1 for me, and 1 for my wife. my wife’s an expat too, she has the right to own a car too. this is luxury for me! yay! :D
    but we’re sticking with 1 car for the time being. mafi fuloos :(

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