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Medical Care Segregation Starts on June 1st

25 Responses to “Medical Care Segregation Starts on June 1st”

  1. This is sad. I’d like to know what goes through the heads of the people who decide this. I mean it’s not just one, for something like this to become official you’ll need quite a heft bunch of signatures.

  2. well see how that will work out,, i give it a month max!
    especially the part “expats will be treated by expats, and Kuwaitis by Kuwaitis”

  3. such a shame .. there are “expats” that have been living in Kuwait for more than 40 years and actually consider Kuwait as their homes
    where are they from all the new laws ?
    an expat who just came to Kuwait is equal to an expat who has been living his whole life here ?

  4. such a sad decision. Like M7md Ghazi said expats have been living here for a long time have enjoyed religious freedom and myself being an expat who grew up and currently work here, feel more at home in Kuwait . When the govt does this , you really start to feel unwelcome. To add to that when the recently implemented traffic laws, coupled with the intention of systematically stemming out the expat population you start to think of other opportunities elsewhere..
    Really disheartening news.

    • This is being implemented in the OPD wing of the Jahra Hospital . Emergency still remain unbiased

  5. there are 1000’s expats in the father age of the guy who created this new shitty law …they need medical treatments too …
    all i’m saying is that type of ppl is what’s keeping Kuwait from growing economicly jst like Dubai :)

  6. How shameful.. to be even called Muslims. Disastrous Move to have stable future. Sorry to say but they are already discrimative and have become extreme.

  7. And as an expat wife married to a Kuwaiti – that will obviously include me too :) lol. Thank God for private healthcare.

    • I’ve been married to a a Kuwaiti for 32 yrs ,Does this mean I will be treated as an expat ?? I have my citizenship for Kuwait .

  8. If u pass a law there is no trial and error..u gotta be certain and specific to such law..otherwise the countries credibility will be a trial and error as well.

  9. “expats will treat expats, and kuwaitis will treat kuwaitis” ????
    then nobody will treat kuwaitis because 99% are expats in the medical field….
    I suggest kuwaitis should start STUDYING NOW!!!! or else nobody will treat them : ) just saying!

    • I used to live in Kuwait and have tutored medical students many times over the years. Let’s just say that maybe being treated by expat drs is better for expats. Based on what I have encountered between medical students and the ambulance services quality, I can safely say that this part of the law at least is in favour of the expats!

      Having Kuwaitis being treated by Kuwaiti drs will give them a taste of the results of the wasta system and dependence on foreigners that has rotted the country in the past few decades. The newer generation of Kuwaiti drs is hopeless.

  10. Great idea! I hope that the Mayo Clinic creates a similar policy (mithilen). THEN watch what’ll happen.

    WHO comes up with these idiotic, racist, and nationally-embarrassing ideas??? Is there a committee of people with IQs of less than 65? Paaaaathetic.

    • There answer: “The decision comes after complaints in parliament of Kuwaiti patients having to wait for treatment at public health facilities because of the large number of expatriates.” – Arabian Business.

  11. I say, it’s worth a try. Maybe they have something in mind which everyone have no idea about. Not because I’m Kuwaiti. Maybe this is just an example of how they can teach their citizen to appreciate what they have with the limited human resource (thinking that a lot less Kuwaitis take Nursing/Medicine as a career). Kuwaitis take care Kuwaitis?? Gosh, isn’t that something? Maybe (desperate) I will just pretend I am some other nationality rather than Kuwaiti to be treated well.(Just being honest)
    This is a double edge sword as well, teaching the Kuwaitis and hurting the expats. I’m also scared (in all honesty) of how the outcome of this will be. The whole world is watching us, and laughing at our backward ways (kids playing in a playground kind of stuff).

  12. Im the most happiest creature in this country as soon as this law will be implemented….filipino to filipino, kuwaiti to kuwaiti and indians to the rest of the nationalities.Indians are overflowing here in kuwait more than kuwaitis.and besides, only kuwaitis can control the attitude of their fellow, let it be!!!!

  13. wonderful. can we extend this law to police service, fire service, ambulance service, city centre, sultan centre, lulu market, avenues, cinema theatres, KFC and all establishments?

  14. Great Kuwaitis !!! you’re step by step establishing an apartheid model … what a shame !

  15. It’s your country, decision is yours. Sack all expats from MOH as you hate expats visiting hospitals.

  16. They no longer can visit in the mornings,….
    ….like so many Kuwaitis actually get up in the mornings?!

    Besides that, I wonder how many Kuwaitis gonna like being treated by their own countrymen instead of foreigners….

    I wonder what would happen, if we implemented this in Europe?
    Betcha they would call it….. let me think,…. what was the word?
    Racist, I think.

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