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Riyadh is Flooding with Rain

31 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Riyadh is Flooding with Rain”

    • You ethiopians are just being ignorance,who told you its because of you this happened?This is not the first time such happened in saudi and would not be the last.What happened in saudi(Riots) its happening right in your country ethiopia.Your men are raping young girls and so do not judge the whole country of saudi just because of some peoples madness.You end up concluding that all muslims are the same.What have we not seen happening in iraq,Palestine which was caused by christians and jews but we can’t say you are the same.No one is happy about what happened in saudi and none will take this for granted.Who ever is involved will get his/her reward from God.

    • you see how stupid you are!! your hatred and anger has already closed your mind. If you can understand, there are so many ethiopians who are working legally in Riyadh and other cities of Saudi Arabia.

      the problem with you people, you ears and brains are only Opening for news that you only want to hear. you don’t know what some illigal ethiopian immigrants are doing in Saudi, Manufacturing and Selling home made alcohol, prostitution, Robbery, killing, etc. while they were given some times to make themselves legal residents, they want to remain illegal so that no one can track them and what they are doing. when I say this, though I am in full support that illegal immigrats should leave Saudi Arabia, I don’t support the way they have used to chase them out.

      • We do understand the cause that led the Saudi govt to decide to expel the illegal immigrants. The issue, I believe most of us have is, with the way it is done. Simply inhuman.

      • Kina, Thanks, the problem with us is we just see things from one side.

        and our government is the one to be blamed. because when the we are given time to legalize ourselves or leave Saudi, the Ethiopian government should have been proactive and help the Ethiopians who are residing there to facilitate their issues or they could have even discussed the issue with the saudi government if they need additional time to sort their citizens problem. but instead our government just wondering around what is going to happen after the that period. have we asked our selves why this violence did not happen for the other immigrants, like Philippians, Indians, and other African Countries, I will just leave the answer to you.

      • well you may be right, the Ethiopian government should have taken proactive measures… but seriously the evil acts don’t get justified, whatever the case. There are always civilized way of dealing with issues, which I think the Saudi govt should have taken.

  1. Is there any Arab how wants to know how much I am happy? you diverse more than this for what you did on Ethiopians!!

  2. I am from Ethiopia I am very sad what happen there and it is my deep pray to God and I will ask God to be merciful to them beside there animal action against my brother and sister.

  3. Is it possible that from all the saudis I have met in many places around the world, I never met an intelligent one. they always have lower IQ and I think that’s the reason why their mind bares such evil did! Ethiopians strongly believe on God and there prayer never go unheard! God bless Ethiopia and it’s peopl!

  4. Saudi gov’t have right to arrest them,because Ethiopian people living there are Introducing bad way of life including clothing style and prostitution which are forbided by saudi constitutions.

  5. I fell so sorry for the young kids and the old!!! Pray to your God!!! Forgive people who did bad to u !!!!
    Ask forgiveness from the people you did wrong too!!!!
    And do that from the bottom of ur heart and this will pass !!!its a sign

  6. Dear Muslim world,we Ethiopans do not hate or insult muslims….do not forget that we are The first World Country to welcome Muslims.
    find safe haven in northern Ethiopia, Abyssinia, where they would “find a king there who does not wrong anyone.” It was the first hijra (migration) in Islam history

    The Abyssinian(Ethiopian) Bilal was one of the foremost companions of Muhammad and the first Muezzin, the caller to prayer

  7. What ever u think,we are not happy for what happened to SaudI , but this is a wake up call for them because what goes round, comes round. Dont do bad things to human being plssssss

  8. well you may be right, the Ethiopian government should have taken proactive measures… but seriously the evil acts don’t get justified, whatever the case. There are always civilized way of dealing with issues, which I think the Saudi govt should have taken.

    • KIna, Don’t get me wrong I am not saying what have been done to ethiopians is right. what I am saying is we have to see the situation from every angle at least to get solution in the future.

      • Things like this leave wounds.. who knows … , don’t look at current situation…. Thanks anyways. We need to stand for humanity whoever we are, as what we are are not our chose, we just found ourselves to be…

  9. Baghdad is closer to Kuwait than Riyadh is… does anyone look at a fucking map?

    Whatever happens in Riyadh won’t happen in Kuwait. Kuwait is hardly ”flooding” like Riyadh. People died in Riyahd, did anyone die in Kuwait? No.

  10. It is wise discussion b/n Kina & suliman….thanks both. I am so sad by the inhumanity, evil deeds by Riyad peoples in Saudi Arabia and unorganized & lazy Ethiopian governors. Anyway treat immigrants or refugees inaccordance with the United Nations Geneve conventions.

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