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Warehouse Caught Changing Expiry Date of Items in Kuwait

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10 Responses to “Warehouse Caught Changing Expiry Date of Items in Kuwait”

  1. And yet again, the company’s name was not exposed. People in charge of such rotten decisions would think twice if their company’s name was to be associated with such a scandal in the media. Having to go through years of recovery and regaining consumers is a much more effective deterrent than having a couple of warehouses shut down/paying a legal fine then resuming business like nothing happened.

    • I can tell you who it was. The first name starts with S and the second starts with C. I worked in security for them and I cant tell you how many times they have been fined for the same.

      • I have actually bought rotten meat at store that starts with the letter S. Found out after I cooked it that the lamb meat was bad. Had to spit it out of my mouth and throw out an entire meal that would have fed at least 5 people. Sad

  2. I think the word “rotten” is a bit of an exageration.

    There are different dates for foods the “best before”, the “sell by” “to be eaten before” …

    All of these mean very different things and in many countries like France, Food that is past its best before date , is soled in special discount shops and many non perishable foods are fine weeks , months sometimes years afer the best before date , it has nothing to do with being “rotten” it wont make you sick… I think its a mighty shame they distroy everything i am sure there are things that are very much fit for human consumption and could be egiven out to people in need in kuwait.

    I would deffo shop in a store that soled discounted goods past best before date if i knew of one ( a legal one ofc) in Kuwait, I find people who waste food are total idiots ( excuse my french).

    Expiration dates of all kind have just gotten shorter and shorter since they can into existence.

    Consumers should be informed so they dont waste food.


    • There’s a big difference between selling food before it expires by a bit on discount and intentionally changing the date of food that has expired.

      I’m not sure what products they had with ‘best before’ and what products with ‘expires on’, either way it’s without doubt illegal and can get people sick.

      Wasting food is wrong of course, lying to people is wrong as well.

    • I don’t know if you would find any legal supermarkets anywhere that could actually get away with selling food past sell by dates. If you could sell it past sell by dates then there would be no point in them. Still if you are ever in the US you should try out PriceRite supermarkets in the NorthEast. They sell a lot of items that are near to their sell by dates at discounted prices.

    • Yes you are right bibi.. Other people are starving to death while some people here in
      Kuwait think only of wasting food.

  3. Kuwaitiful is right its VERY WRONG to change the dates on food items. But its still such a shame they do these illegal things instead of reselling what is still safe in specialized stroes. Like i said i would shop there! I am talking about non preishables ofc.

    The truth is tho all shops all over the world do this to a certain extent it is well know for butchers to use cuts of meat that they can no longer sell for sausages, Tone of spices and nobody knows!

    It is indeed comendable that kuwait is getting ontop of these things I got some chicken breats from the co-op once and they were rank! the stink coming from them ! the date was fine but the chicken was rotten, not like a slight off smell no no, full blown salmonella stink!

    I am not a freegan , i would not dumpster dive:P but i will teach my children no to throw food or leftovers , the freezer is your friend!

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