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Aramex No More

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  1. Posta Plus are very slow but cheap.

    Borderlinx are perfectly fast but expensive.

    There is always MyUS from what I hear they are great as well since they rely on both FedEX and DHL to do their shipping.

    • Hmmm good points, according to PostaPlus they’re pretty fast (2 days in customs) so I’m going to give them a try once or twice. If they don’t deliver on a timely manner I might go for Borderlinx.

  2. I hate aramex, they have the worst customer service ever.
    My hubby opened an account with them and every single package we ordered was sent to the wrong person. And we would have to call them and inform them that it was sent to the wrong person and it would take a couple of days to be sent to us.
    A year ago I ordered a Kindle and I paid 10 KD for shipping and such, a week later my sister in law ordered the same kindle, and she only paid 5 KD shipping. I hate that I do not know why there are differences in payments.
    I have started using Borderlinx and I love their service. They are quick and efficient and I love that I pay for customs online. So when they deliver the package I am not shocked at the amount I have to pay.
    I used Myus and they are good and quick, but I do not like not knowing how much customs will cost. Twice I had to pay 40 KD for customs and thats what made me stick with borderlinx.

  3. we should all go and raid aramex headquarters. My cousins and I have received many packages that weren’t ours which lead to us calling aramex to make them aware of there error. So technically now I’m working for them. I always check to see how much my shipment will cost by tracking it on their website only to be surprised with a totally new cost when it arrives. Sometimes it takes packages up to 1 month to arrive even though they arrive at my aramex mailbox in less than 5 days or even overnight sometimes when I pay for overnight shipping. If I lived in Kuwait full-time I would have jumped ship for sure!

  4. I had the worst experience with them, I made an order from Amazon, it was delivered and picked up in Abu Dhabi by a totally different guy. I was promised that I will be compensated and until now recieved nothing. This was in June. The worst customer service ever….

  5. I am OFF Aramex As well , either i order through international shipping , or now i am using myUs , its pretty good actually , the delivery don,take a while , quite fast and now i am trying them again to check the prices

  6. I stopped aramex more than a year before that i was getting atleast 1 package every month … they charged $60 toy 15kd duty and some 14kd shipping …. CHEATERS

  7. That was my message to Aramex
    They are offering the worst customer service ever:

    ” I think now , that you are offering the worst service ever, you have kept the shipment delayed for a week, then you have contacted you on my mobile, it rang for once, then when I have tried to pick the call, you have gone. Then you sent me an SMS.

    I tried to call you more than 6 times and each time, the call is picked and no body answers, it seems that your agents pick the calls and then they DO NOT answer. I think you are offering the worst customer service in the world, you deserve that really.

    The good thing is that when I clicked on a different switch number which was 7, the call was picked and your agent did not even say sorry to all that happened to me, the worst thing is that when I told him my address (which is the same address that I used before to send the shipment), HE DID NOT ADD MY ADDRESS AND HE SAID THAT HE ADDED IT TO THE RECORDS OF THE SHIPMENT , BUT HE DID NOT ADD IT, I have known that from your agent Omnya Yasser, who told me today that the address is not added. and I have told her my address again.

    Now , I do not know what will happen to me next, but for sure I have decided to make blog contains all what happened to me and I think it will be a good thing to tell the people what you really do.”

  8. The worst service I have ever seen in my life …………Why do u even call yourself a Courier Company you are slower than a post office I ordered products from homeshope18 twice same the product came in 13 days …..So I stopped ordering from that Website itself ……………this time I ordered from Same the product is yet not received the customer care have no info ….illiterate customer care the delivery boy will call you and tell wait I am coming in an hour and when you will call him he will not answer you will end up waiting for whole day and when you check the status of your shipment it will say on hold “”””””””””Attempted Delivery – No One Home “”””””””””” Freak man which house are you going not once or twice …………..The first thing I will check while ordering anything online is Do they use Aramex Courier If they say yes then Done never will order from there website …………..thank you so much for your best service in bangalore Order# Shipment Number: 4509616263
    Pickup Date: 2/11/2013
    In this fast moving world you deliver a product in more than 7 days from delhi to bangalore dont know what is your mode of transport lol

  9. thank you so much for your best service in bangalore Order# Shipment Number: 4509616263
    Pickup Date: 2/11/2013

    A HUGE TRAUMA, HORRENDOUS, such a shame really!!!
    customer service are so rude

    i got one package and the value was 5$, they didnt call to deliver, they arrange delivery only after i called them and guess what, we paid 3.85KD saying that it was hold because address was not clear!!! really ? so if address is not clear u would charge us per day 1.5KD???

    another service was worst ever, and we paid 100KD and more just because of small error that from the beginning they could assist, we spent weeks of hard labour to clear it ourselves and aramex didnt even show interest !

    another guy with me, his case was sending his luggage with aramex (of course) and it was used clothes!!! so far he paid 80KD and if it will not continue charging on his name he would bother to get his shipment!!!




  11. Aramex Kuwait are out off reach by telephone… they don’t bother to answer there telephone , bad services, bad image

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