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Driving in Kuwait has Become Unbearable

20 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Driving in Kuwait has Become Unbearable”

  1. i said it before traffic can be reduced by 50% if they force school buses to be activated proberly. for e.g each school bus can take up to 40 students, that is 30-40 cars less of the street and that is only ONE bus.
    where is the old American yellow buses?? they are heavy duty and have safety measures.

    • Majority of congested streets and highway exits can easily be resolved by allowing opposite sides to drive at once. This turn taking system is playing a huge role in the ongoing traffic drama. For left turns/uturns, cars can be given two minutes before time is up. Most of the world works this way, I’m still shocked with it and I’ve been here 3 years now…

      • Allowing opposite sides to move at the same time is a recipe for disaster.
        For those turning left from both directions it would be a complete battle of who shows the least amount of common sense and disrespect.
        How often do Kuwaiti drivers allow you to pull out or wave you through?
        How often do they just push their bonnets out into the middle of the road and expect you to allow them out?
        The two way solution can only work on the assumption that those people using the roads would show a minimum amount of respect for the rules and each other.

    • I had bad experience with the same issue. be late due to traffic accidents driving using phones. yesterday I was scolding a driver who’s on both cellphones keep ringing and even accept video calling. I screamed on him. One phones rung after the other and busy answering while driving. I was really out of control and fight with him. Do anybody could give action on this issue?

      • route 106
        12 may 2015
        ticket# 4364
        CITY BUS
        The driver was Nepal and was so rude!
        Attention bus Management of City Bus
        We commuters love our life. Kindly take action prohibiting your drivers to use phones or answer unnecessary calls and even video calling while only one hand on the wheel. The other hand busy with his phones and eyes on video?????idiot driver!

  2. What will resolve the issue is having a train/tube system built. I would use it……that would be ideal. Plus, less accidents too. Good quality of public transportation systems really need to get onto action here. But when?

    • Thanx for your comments. Having lived in Q8 since 68, I think there are solutions but these will never happen:
      1. reduce the population
      2. don’t allow so many cars
      3. change most of the population, including Kuwaitis
      4. no insurance: everyone is on their own.
      5. a different modern system of arranging the traffic flow.

      Well I solved the problem for myself. Gave my car to my daughter when I retired. Take taxis. Stay home alot

  3. honestly, i’m fed up with the traffic situation here. they think that making it harder for expats to have a driver’s license will help with the traffic. but, the fact of the matter is there are so many other underlying issues. i have local friends that are absolute MANIAC drivers (and yes, i let them know i think that) who have no regard for another person’s life. highways here are clogged up MAINLY due to an accident, again because people think they can get away with driving rashly! why can’t the police enforce the rules here? the answer is not necessarily lowering the number of cars on the road. the answer is increasing the number of RESPONSIBLE DRIVERS. i’ve seen people cross into the emergency lane WITH the cops behind them. this has resulted in traffic in the emergency lane and these people don’t realize they are preventing those involved in an accident from receiving medical attention! these people want to make a difference then start:
    1. enforcing the traffic laws
    2. educating drivers in responsible driving
    3. invest in a efficient, safe and clean public transport system.

      • It’s not necessarily the expat fault, it’s really the disrespect for life and the law. Without wasta, I am sure there would be less problem on the road.

    • As if this is only in Kuwait !
      You have to try other countries and see how bad it is. Kuwait traffic jams are way less than other cities in the region !

  4. Don’t get me started, the beginning of the traffic week on Sunday I left home at 7,30 only to arrive to work at 9 am . Can you imagine the frustration ? and I live like 15 minutes from my working place, I would understand if there’s an accident but it’s only police cars that’s making this unbelievable traffic !

  5. License taking by people from vasta. Make it more tough.Let them learn atleast 15 driving classes nearly 45 hours.Otherwise in kuwait accidents will be more.

    • Lessons????
      I have seen so many people taking ‘lessons’ from ‘professional’ driving instructors and I can’t see how this helps.
      the instructors let the students change lanes without signals, let the students drive at 70kmh in the middle lane on the highway and at least 3 occasions I have seen instructors AND students using mobile phones DURING lessons.
      This is where the behavior starts. And as far as expats are concerned, Europeans anyway, are the least likely to be involved in traffic accidents due to tough traffic regulations and examinations in their own country.

  6. That 10% vs 90% stat is B.S. The Kuwaitis think they are above the law, probably because the police are too apathetic to deal with them. Once in Mahboula I witnessed a foreigner have to make a sudden stop because another vehicle pulled out in front of him. Another car coming rapidly behind the driver that stopped short nearly crashed into him because that person was driving at a speed that was way above what it should be on the road. Instead of that final car just slowing his speed, he instead races around what he perceived as the “offending” vehicle COMPLETELY STOPS HIS CAR in front of the driver, effectively blocking his path, and – here’s the kicker – leaves his vehicle with 4 other Kuwaitis in tow to slap the blocked car and harass the other. The surrounded driver sat there and put up with the verbal abuse. Try that in NY and you’ll get the beat down of your life. I’m not blaming all bad driving or traffic woes on Kuwaitis, after all the expats exceed the locals, but they certainly do their part to aggrevate the situation. Like Judge Judy says, “Dont piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” And to the individual who suggested that expats shouldn’t be allowed to drive, that’s ridiculous. The privilege to drive should not stem from your nationality, it should be based on your effectiveness and diligence as a driver.

  7. Statistics shows said above person that Expat are involved in all accidents. Of course, because if it is between Kuwaiti and expat, it’s automatically the expat fault. I drove in Kuwait for 4 years and I thank God for the protections he provided for me and my family. While there, I drove aggressively and very carefully and prayed a lot.

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