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How Not to Celebrate National Day

8 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “How Not to Celebrate National Day”

  1. I wrote about the same….

    “National day isn’t a day that gives you a free ticket to offend someone, or become a racist or step on other people’s lives.” Well said bro…

  2. What replaced foam? The f-ing super-soaker water guns! It isn’t much different.

    2 years ago, going from my house door to my car, 4 little demons sprayed me from head to foot with water guns. I went inside, dryed my hair, re-did my make-up; went out and they did it AGAIN! they then broke into my back yard. What is funny about that? What part of the liberation of Kuwait does that celebrate? It was a deliberate act by a gang of young boys (Kuwaiti) directed at me. I called the police.

    To say that this is happening by “kids of other nationalities” or that this behavior is limited only to the Gulf Road is utterly bullshit. It is happening shamelessly by kids of all nationalities – including many Kuwaiti kids (the majority by my experience) and in ALL areas of Kuwait.

    This year, I was driving on both 7th Ring Road and on 604 (Kabd) Road and I was sprayed by 20-something MEN with water guns. And on 604, driving at a fast rate of speed, there were Kuwaiti kids (license plate – Asima) seated on the passenger window, throwing hard water balloons at car windshields. Sorry, but to me that’s not a game – that is either assault or attempted vehicular manslaughter: Anybody could have died. It wasn’t aimed at foreigners – they were trying to hit anyone.

    This isn’t “celebration” – this is a blatant insult to the respect and decency of Kuwait and it is borderline criminal activity. It isn’t about liberation or freedom. It is about chaos and anarchy. I agree with the person above who stated it is similar to “Purge” night.

    … and I tried to AVOID being in the middle of it! They all need to be put in jail and have their heads shaved!!!

  3. I was born and raised in Kuwait and this has been the scene ever since I can remember it to be.During my childhood days it used to be mostly Kuwaiti, badoons or Egyptian kids who used to storm our building like a pack of wild boars and hitting us with whatever they can find,while we used to play in our building premises.

    Now after 18 years it’s still the same. The most irritating phrase you hear after a Kuwaiti does something completely irrational or anti social is “Ana Kuwaiti..!! Intha shunu savi??” (I am a Kuwaiti, what will you do or rather what can you do?). And this isn’t just about Kuwaitis. I find most Arabs finding it hilarious when someone is in pain or being humiliated or insulted or when someone cries because they have been harmed. Two days back me and my friend got sprayed in Farwaniya and the kid who could just barely hold his gun after his act showed us his middle finger.

    A word of caution to the parents of such kids,” One day people will reciprocate to the actions of your kids and your silence and the pride and joke you find in such acts. On such an occasion be prepared to remain silent and get hurt cos you alone have brought this on them. Karma is a very powerful tool and it acts like a boomerang!!!! “. And even if people forget TIME will NOT.

  4. this year they found ONE MORE new way to celebrate..

    by filling balloon with water & STONE… no idea when they will learn how to celebrate the NATIONAL day

    most disgusting part is even the PARENTS encourage their little ones to do this s**t…. it is fun when the other person is enjoying the same

  5. My 70 year old dad was driving and we left the home for a short while to run some errands. Stopping at a red traffic light, 2 loser kuwaiti kids forced open his door and sprayed him in face and all all over the car. FYI, he is a stroke patient that has left him with painful side effects on one of his eyes. Insulting your elders and harassing a 70 year old man is “KUWAITI NATIONAL CELEBRATION PRIDE DAY”???? I was born in Kuwait but moved abroad many years ago, I am ashamed of being associated with a country that has children being raised this way by the dumbest parents possible! There were cop cars at every traffic light on gulf road and guess what they did? WATCHED, found it amusing that the kids were doing this. I had to pull over and help my dad clear his eye sight before driving

  6. I mentioned this issue in twitter.I got a response from a follower who thought I was over reacting and that kids should feel free to celebrate the way they like!!
    I was speechless @!

  7. What we see is the lost future generation of Kuwait!!!! Pity on the parents! For the past few days, in Ahmadi, such activities have been going on under the patronage of idiotic parents and the police standing beside them doing nothing as if its legal…Can only feel sorry for them.

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