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The Cheesiest Scam From an Ooredoo Impersonator

21 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “The Cheesiest Scam From an Ooredoo Impersonator”

  1. Same thing happened to me but from different numbers. And again I called to tell Ooredoo and just like Fer Mu they told me to go to a police station, when I explained its their company reputation they finally took down the numbers.

    I later called again since I had a recording this time, and they admitted that it has been going on for over 2 weeks. I asked to speak to the manager to complain about us customers not receiving a warning text, and how they did not care to take the numbers initially and he was very rude, condescending and raised his voice saying we don’t want your proof.

    After this I am disconnecting my line with Oorededoo.

  2. Three consecutive days, received call from +971 552794482. They mentioned the same things mentioned in above post and the Kuwait number they gave 60425368.

    As usual, Ooredoo customer care is not bothered, I agree its not their jurisdiction, but still they should be a little concerned about their reputation being smeared. Now, I am wondering why not Zain or Viva’s name is being used by the scam artists. (For me i had received same call around 4-6 months back also) This scam’s Live status is still kicking. I am amazed that the scam has lasted this long.

  3. I Got the same call from Pk number . The guy said the same thing that say Alhumdullilah u won 20,000 kd as he was calling again and again and disturbing us and i got the msg from ooreddo customer care number i directly went to ooreddo office and than he said that this is a fake call . ¦s

  4. The same happened to me, but I won 25,000 KD nananananaaa I won mooooore ;)
    Well I will not bother calling Ooredoo then
    Thanks for the post

  5. Just now I experienced it, I won 20,000KD.

    UAE No. – + 971-55 366 3109
    Kuwait No. +6964-9953 / 6007-6242

    The one from Kuwait asked to removed my simcard to check and compare the (5 digit) numbers he gave me and it is correct the first 5 digit numbers at the back of my sim card is correct.

    This made wonder if it is true?

    I really wished it is coz i need it very badly.


  6. I just got a call from +92 333 1472281 and asked me if I speak hindi and I said no. Another guy who speaks english took over and told me that I won 20,000 KD which of course was surprising because they know the first few digits at the back of my SIM Card.

    They told me that I can collect my prize money from Al-Mulla Exchange and they can only Issue Cash. They gave me a reference number which is 100-781 and told me not to tell anyone yet that I won until I get the prize money. They instructed me to bring my civil ID and buy 140KD worth of ooredoo card but asked me not to recharge it. It made me wonder why. They said I can refund the 140KD after I bring it to Al-Mulla Exchange.

    They called me again with 2 different numbers, this time it’s 6558 0764 and 6965 6021. It’s a good thing i was doing my research while I was talking to them. I stumbled upon this blog and realized that, yes, this is a scam.

    So they called me back again, this time I asked them if they really are calling from ooredoo. They said, yes they are calling from wataniya head office, he sounded like he’s forcing me to purchase the ooredoo cards. I said, i don’t have 140KD, i only have 50KD left then he said he will ask his manager. They finally said okay. So I played along and pretended that the line is bad and i couldn’t hear them. They kept calling and calling until they stopped. I think they ran out of credit. :)

    I called ooredoo cutomer service to ask if they really have this contest that I can win 20000KD. He said no and asked me if i received a call from qatar or dubai. It seems like they know that this scam is happening. He told me that it’s good for me that I called them and that I didn’t fall for these guys.

  7. it happens the same thing to me, but I did not believe the guy in Kuwait who I called and hang up on his face.

  8. They just called me saying the same, I won 20,000KD and that I will receive them in cash from Al-Mulla, and he even sent me a msg from Ooreedoo (I think they target people who don’t have any online accounts, since they send passwords) and all the Al-Hamdulilah, and I even told him that my line is a corporate line, so not registered to my name, I felt there is a scam and went deeper by calling the Kuwaiti number, where he told me that I should buy 4x 20KD cards and that he is going to stick with me on the line because this call is registered by the Kuwaiti Government, I asked why should I go buy 4x20kd cards and give you the numbers and then you give me the prize serial number, it doesn’t make sense, he was like sir, you don’t believe me? im going to cancel your application..and just closed the line xD.

    UAE No. – + 971-52 251 8560
    Kuwait No. + 965 6638 9580

    So ye, Watch out from these..and ask a lot of questions, and thank you for this post (kuwaitiful), since I wanted to check if someone else has put up a warning or a flag about this.

  9. Another 200000 KD
    UAE No. – + 971-52 251 6147
    Kuwait No. + 965 6638 9580 the contact person is presenting himself as Mohhamed Mussa.
    I am amazed that they use the same Kw number and nobody seems to care about it???!!!!
    Sorry for Ooredoo, but their reputation surfers a lot!

  10. One more 20000 KD..
    At arround 12.45 pm I got a call from a guy (named Ashfak) from Ooredoo – Al Wataniya (65547228) and he sounded like pk accent urudu speaking, said “you won 20000 KD” from lottery blah blah, and I have to go and collect it from nearby AlMulla exchang, I asked him which branch, he said he will let me know how to collect the prize money and which branch, he also said my sim no. which is printed back of my sim card, and I have to go to the Sharq AlMulla branch and contact a guy named Sheik Hassan Abdul Aziz and give him the file no. 100781, after that he said that he will let me know the check no. from the system and said the system is not showing your check no. and said did you recharge your line in any recent days for 20KD?, I said no, said then you have to buy 4 20kd Ooredoo recharge card from nearby shops and you should not recharge them, and asked how long It will take me to buy the recharge cards, then I survived and asked him why I have to buy the card if I won the lottery money form Ooredoo since I am their client? suddenly he disconnected. This scumbag call me from these numbers. 65547228, 65772215, 66235962 and 66936980…
    I wonder how they get my sim number.. and I also doubt are any of the Ooredoo staff(s) associate with these kind of scam artists?? or Ooredoo database is stolen??

  11. I received a call just now telling me I won 20,000kd as well, but they are now claiming to be representatives of ZAIN main office. The weird thing is that they are still using ooredoo number and was asking me to buy four 20kd ooredoo vouchers, I said I don’t have money and the guy named Mohammed hanged up.

    I received a service message from 107 from them as well so it seems that they have a program that can send messages like that.

    UAE No. – +971522950201
    Kuwait No.- 66891899 (number of the guy who is claiming to be a Zain representative… hmmm…)

  12. I received something similar now, but it says from Zain, and even received a conformation message form Zain itself.Asking me to transfer 350 KD so that i will get prize amount.

  13. Today even i got d call call sayin dat i hav won lucky dram blah blah…he goes lyk switch off ur mobile n chk d no. On sim card of ooredoo as he gav..if it matches den its ur luck n shit…he called me again n was lyk hw would u lyk 2 recieve ur lucky draw..he suggested al mulla…n half of his speakin accent was not even undrstood properly….as he was frm pk in stupid english accent….my fiance is lyk if u talk to dem atleast for 3 mins.dey can hack ur mobile dats d way dey fool uu…soo ppl be carefull..dey can misuse…bcuz once dis shit has happened wid him in india soo…….

  14. So I received a call from someone stating they are from Duty Free, which I have stuck my name in a few of their prizes hoping my name would be pulled. So I listened to what he had to say and all of it was very similar to you. I will receive a text from Duty Free with a FILE Number to claim my prize. Which I did after a few minutes. Called the guy he told me to call with the file number. Once I called he congratulated me a million times and that he has all this respect for me, told me the check of 20,000 kd would be sent to the same exchange you mentioned they will verify my cell phone number, my text I got from Duty Free BUT here is the catch in order to collect my 20,000 kd check I needed to go to any CASH U whatever that is and get two money vouchers on for 300USD and one for 100USD this is the way of the Dubai Ministry he said for you to collect your money, now keep me on the line while you go get this check I laughed and said no this is a scam he said OH SO you want me to close your file and give your money to someone else? YUP that looks like whats about to happen buddy, in the US if you win YOU WIN you don’t pay to get what you WON sorry pal. He got upset and his accent took over I could not understand nothing he was saying… DON’T BE FOOLED BY THESE CLOWNS!

  15. Iam also a victim of fraudcall from ooredoo compony.that wast DECEMBER 21 2016..i lost 80kd from my beware of this number +923340754937 this is fake.telling that i won 20,000 .the 10,000 will be transferred on my account and the other 10,000 will be transferred to AL MULLA. His accent of talking is from country I…. the way he talk guys dont believe if somebody call u from viber ooredoo company. Its a 100% fake.

  16. I got the call a few minutes ago. Thank God for this post, it saved me.

    Here’s how mine went down:

    I too, was aware that this was a fraud call. They called four times, with four different Indian Males, whom have been proven to be proficient with English. They also congratulated me a million times, and instructed me to call the second number to get a pin to claim from Al Mulla exchange.

    I was laughing at one point, when I got really suspicious with my questions, and they couldn’t answer them; like, from which country is the call coming from — I got four different answers.

    I haven’t travelled in like, 2 years; how the hell was I suppose to win something from Duty Free? and Ooredoo? I haven’t had an Ooredoo line since 4 years ago, I switched networks but retained the number from Ooredoo.

    If they think customers are dumb; Well, I think they’re idiots.

    During around the time when they were having “system difficulties,” and would “call me in a few minutes;” I called the Official (and actual) Ooredoo Customer Service Agent here in Kuwait. They confirmed that this was a fraud call and have reported it to management.

    Just don’t give out any information regarding anything about your personal life, bank information especially. And if you want to play around with them, you could! They’re really entertaining.

    First Number that called, “congratulating” me:
    +965 22209838 — claimed to be “Mohamad Dowd”

    Second and Last Number, whom which I should call to claim the pin code, and who took four different individuals to answer:
    +965 22204691 — claimed to be “Ahmad Abdula”

  17. Hi im victimized of mobile scamers . someone call me and he said that i won 20, 000kd from viva zain ooredoo 102. And they say i need to send photo copy of my kuwait civil id. To claim the money , so i send my civil id and then next she say that i need to buy cashu for 32kd. And i started to call my friend and ask her if this is true or scam. My friend sa that is scam so . i didn’t send money . they starting to call many time but i did not answer it again. This is my problem is their any problem to me because i send my photo civil id to them.? And what i will do? Need advice pls.

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