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Review: Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

13 Responses to “Review: Microsoft Surface with Windows RT”

  1. Thanks for the great -informative on all aspects- review.

    I don’t think think I’ll be coming near the tablet world anytime soon, let alone this particular tablet. I just don’t see the use of them when we have powerful smartphones and net-books all around us.

    • 1. X-Cite lent me one of their tablets to review, you can purchase it from them on their online store.

      2. I was one of the super super lucky ones to buy 2 before it was sold out in 3 minutes.

      • lol.. yes very lucky indeed.. waiting on review.. hoping it lands here.. any inside news about that?!?!

      • It’s a far fetch landing in Kuwait in big batches any time soon. You might see stores or people selling it now, they probably have 3-5 phones and for double the cost. To be officially available in large quantities will take a month+ minimum.

  2. this review unfortunately ignores the one most important feature of the surface.

    this device comes with an optional cover with an integrated keyboard. with that, the integration of the traditional desktop-functionality makes sense.

    if you use microsoft office for productivity, get the surface bundled with the keyboard-cover, and you basically have a tablet which can also be used as a laptop (for office and browsing).

    if you use the surface as a tablet only, you will hardly ever get to see the desktop interface. (By the way, it’s simply NOT true that you have to go to the recycle bin to delete stuff. if you’re in the touch-friendly tablet-interface, you can delete files there just as you would expect, and if youre in desktop mode, you delete files the way you always have in windows desktop)

    • This review covers the tablet out of the box, not how good the tablet would have been with its accessories. If to you that’s the most important feature then tell that to Microsoft, they should have added the keyboard with every Windows RT.

      I did use the metro to take photos, deleted them from the gallery then had to go to the recycle bin to delete them, again. So yes, it is true you have to delete stuff from the recycle bin when using metro. I don’t know if it’s sometimes or at all times but this was my experience with the tablet.

      • i think you misunderstood my comment. i wasnt saying that you should have used and reviewed the device with the keyboard-cover. i just think you should have reviewed the desktop-functionality as what it is – an optional feature for those who do use office with the keyboard-cover (or any usb/bluetooth input devices). i don’t see why your review makes the desktop-app seem so confusing, when in fact you obviously know why its actually there.

        you used the word “confusing” twice, referring to the duality of the operating system. knowing about the devices ability to operate in both tablet-mode as well as laptop-mode, that duality is not confusing, but functional. you wrote that it’s like having windows 7 and 8 in one device. well, thats the whole idea of the desktop mode – the ability to transmorm the tablet into a traditional laptop, if needed.

      • Yes that is my point, to you having two operating systems in one device might be simple but to the general public it might not be which is what happened in my case. Which is also why I mentioned at the end that it boils down to preference “If you don’t care much about the camera and want the full Windows experience including a desktop-mode then this is a good option.”

  3. I just need a decent 10″ Windows tablet that has no front or back camera.

    It’s nice that you got the surface to review but seriously what did you review? You jumped from one topic and then bragged about your Nexus 4 phone.

    I know you have great potential in making better reviews with amazing pics but this review is just unacceptable.

    • I bought up the Nexus 4 because it shares similar specs, that was it. It was not bragging, it was related to the tablet. I went through the operating system, specs, camera quality, charger, USB support and how disappointed I am with the tablet overall. I didn’t even go through how terrible the hardware faults are (link: There are a lot of bias Windows RT reviews out there if you’re interested.

  4. I’m waiting to see how surface pro will work !! It’s with i5 processor ! And they Said its will do everything that usual pc can do :)

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