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Aramex Now Delay Shipments

18 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Aramex Now Delay Shipments”

  1. 3ndi shipment on the same flight o same tracking status is showing, ma 9arat flight cancellation delay! but I didn’t even trying calling them ’cause it’s useless, begololi holiday season o men hal 7achi

  2. It’s not new from them.
    Every-order is the same delays with delays.
    Also you have christmas time coming and most of the areas are on sale.

  3. same issue with all of us , delays and delays plus their higher rates ..
    i`ve tried the borderlinx via DHL seems excellent so far fast delivery , try it

  4. That’s crazy!

    I didn’t know that shipments to Kuwait had to reach Dubai first, then transferred?

    I am constantly having issues with them. It’s like dealing with robots.

  5. Kuwaitiful did you receive your package yet? I’m in Oman and having the same issue with Aramex. Package arrived in NY on 23/12, offloaded on 26/12 and to date no further information or updates only assurance from their facebook administrator and telephone customer support officer that my package is ‘in good hands’…comforting? I think not. Most annoyingly this is the second package from same seller (forgot to specify ship all items in one package). I received the first package after 3 days (2 pairs of socks lol!!!) now my super expensive ski jacket that I’ve been coveting for months is sitting in a warehouse in NY (hopefully not lost or damaged!). How is it my socks made it onto the plane and my jacket didn’t?? They both arrived at Aramex on the same day and in fact, the jacket arrived 3 hours earlier! Man I am so super frustrated about this whole thing. Make me feel a bit better by at least telling me you eventually got your shipment:)

    • Sorry I just got to read your message. Yes a I have received my shipment a few days ago. I understand your frustration, I’ve been there. I’m looking for alternatives now because Aramex is awful frankly.

  6. Hello, how are you? A very Happy New Year! thou we have been in touch via twitter and facebook i just wanted to check if all is ok and sorted out. If you need assistance with any future queries please feel free to email me. Thank you!

    Shop and Ship Team

    • Hey Mehreen,

      No I have received my shipment after a record breaking 4 delays on my shipment. I’ve only posted up until 2 delays on this post. I’m already looking for aramex alternatives. The twitter support I received was completely useless, everything I was told I already knew. The shipment had a delay of more than 20 days in total. Something I will never tolerate.

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  8. ARAMEX IS THE WORST CARRIER EVER ! DO NOT USE IT ! EVEN IF ITS FOR SHOP AND SHIP… THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER… My Package got delayed and when you call them they just say they don’t know when they will ship it! FEDEX IS #1 even though there a little bit more expensive but its worth it ! I’m looking for other companies other than aramex and will NEVER EVER use ARAMEX again !
    Shipment History
    Location Date Activity
    Network Update 12/20/2012 05:13 Shop&Ship Update – Shipment is delayed due to flight offloading/cancelation.

  9. The same happens with my package came from china, can I get the shipping fees be reduced due to that delay ?

    Shipment History
    Location Date Activity
    Network Update GSO 10/22/2014 06:29 Shop&Ship Update – shipment is delayed due to flight offloading / cancellation .
    Network Update GSO 10/19/2014 09:06 Shop&Ship Update – shipment is delayed due to flight offloading/cancellation .
    Shanghai, China 10/14/2014 18:09 Departed Operations facility – In Transit
    Shanghai, China 10/13/2014 14:21 Record Created

  10. Do not know why all the hate, this long delay can happen to anyone but actually not always, when i ordered my first ordered, it got delayed for more than 20 days but that’s because i didn’t put my Sns no. but but when i did, they have always been delivering in time, besides all the other orders, Aramex is excellent and i do recommend it, at least in Saudi arabia

    I’m sorry for your trouble bro

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