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My Box by Postaplus – Freight Forwarding Service Cheaper than Aramex

17 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “My Box by Postaplus – Freight Forwarding Service Cheaper than Aramex”

  1. There are actually more than 2 Shipping companies and I have tried 4 so far:

    1. Aramex (
    2. U Shop We Ship (
    3. DHL Borderlinx (
    4. Posta Plus (
    5. My US (
    6. TNT(

    And I think there are a few more but in regards to the first four I have tried them all and each has a set of pros and cons but in Posta Plus’s case it’s mostly cons. You can read about my bad experience with them here .

    I tried them out last year after reading a one or two positive posts nothing was negative about them. I was told they would be fast and all that.. But my experience with them was bad from the beginning.

    I placed my first order on the 2nd day of Ramadan last year and it was delivered to my house 3 days before Eid. It took literally 3-4 weeks for it to arrive. I actually wrote a post detailing my experience with them which you can find above.

    And well just a few days ago I shipped an Amazon order to them by accident and they have just recently installed their tracking shipment website (which is really primitive) and well I’ll tell you how long everything took:

    Shipment Arrived Mailbox July 18
    Shipment Forwarded to Kuwait July 21
    Shipment in Transit to Kuwait July 23
    Shipment Held in Customs July 25
    Shipment Arrived in Facility July 28
    Shipment Delivered July 29

    So that’s 11 days (more than their advertised 6-10 days). The shipments weight was 6.5 kgs and I paid 32KD shipping for Books and some toys (for the kids).

    So what do you think? They might be “cheaper” than Aramex but they suck in speed and their customer service is bad. They actually lost one of my packages and it took them 2 months or so to refund me the amount.

    * DHL is best for shipping expensive items quickly, it arrives to Kuwait in 2 – 3 days if you pay for the Express shipping which is great. I shipped my latest MacBook Pro through them.

    * Aramex is good for those packages that are not time sensitive but at least you get them eventually. Unfortunately they are expensive now.

    * U Shop We Ship you should AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! They were the first to imply the “Customs” code way before all the other shipment companies did and they are just bad.

    *MyUS was recommended to me by a lot of my friends and is one of the best out there. Well priced and very efficient (See Marzouq’s Blog for a review).

    I am so sorry for the long comment bs I had to afesh khel2e :P

    • Strange !! as my sister is using them for the last few months and she is okay and never complained.

    • The bad:
      Worst customer service I ever had to deal with, they don’t care what you say and when I call to ask about anything they want to close the line very fast you feel they don’t care.
      I had a problem with a shipment due to a mistake that they made and the guy who supposed to help me called twice and when i asked that he call me again he then totally ignored my case for one month and it never got solved.
      The delivery guy sometimes don’t call and if he came and didn’t find you at home your shipment will be delivered the next day, one time customer service told me my shipment will be delivered today and its with the driver, two hours later I called them and they said its on the way and it will get to me before 5 pm, I called at 4 pm and they said its on the way and I didn’t get it till the next day, they didn’t even bother to call the driver.
      The good:
      All my shipments got to my mail box on the same day they arrived and shipped the next day to Kuwait and cheaper than the others.

  2. i have used them to bring couble of shipments from Amazon it was good arrived within 9 days and the price was okay. i dont like thier tracking website it looks ugly.

  3. Wow, thanks so much. DEFINITELY going to look into this, last time I got a delivery from Aramex, it was less than a lb and I got charged like 7kd………………… reason, that’s the price that was on the receipt. Double what it should have been Grrrr :@

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  5. Yes i agree with u coz i used them twice unfortunately it’s cheaper than aramex and i liked there customer service they helped a lot to find best websites for shopping

  6. Worst service ever I live in Dubai and they (posta plus) are providing the same shitty service here I have been dealing with them for about 1 yr and half and each time I get screwed from them but I promise that this time will be the last time to deal with this company
    iPhone order from uk 2.5 month
    Ralph lauren order 5 weeks
    Mac book accessories 4 weeks
    Lacoste polos from eBay 5 weeks
    & more
    Each time I am getting a promise from their side that we will do a lot of modifications in our service from their side but invain so I decided this time not to deal with those people again as I am paying lots of phone calls to US office and Dubai office to track my order for the delay that always happened
    So it’s better to go for more expensive service provider instead of dealing with such people
    To avoid wasting of money and time
    بالعربي لا انصح بالتعامل مع هذه الشركة لأنهم كذابين

  7. I’ve used their service a couple of times new, they really are really good. When they say 10 days or less they really mean it.i’ve recently had 2 iphone 5s sent to me from the UK and it only cost me 5 Kd. Fair deal i think.

  8. i ordered shoes same brand, size, seller and absolutely the same time it arrives in my mail box. unfortunately aramex made it separate delivery to charge me double, 1 shoe weighing 1.75lbs (11.500kd) while the other one 1.75lbs (8.750kd) WHY? i called aramex customer service and it seems she has NO proper training to answer the customers appropriately, in short NO definite answer of all my questions. Aramex is a bunch of crap making extra money by cheating from their costumers. I WILL NEVER USE ARAMEX ANYMORE PERIOD!

  9. I used Aramex (Shop&Ship) 2 years ago and i experienced same problems as you did. Their customer service is horrible and they dont help on anything. However, last month i received an email from one of the freight forwarding company called Boxinus. They offered me welcoming discount and it was well satisfied. They send my packages photos for free (which most of freight forwarding companies dont do that). I received my package in 4 days. And it was well packaged too. There is no more need to Aramex i think. You should try Boxinus.

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