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How to Enable 4G/LTE on Your Nexus 4

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16 Responses to “How to Enable 4G/LTE on Your Nexus 4”

    • Have you confirmed that with Zain’s tech support? If so I’m hoping Wataniya/Viva use a different frequency although all telecoms share the same frequency most of the time.

      • And the call centers in Kuwait for these companies know very little about tech. Last summer I called Zain and asked about 4G and the guy kept thinking I was talking about the iPhone 4 even though I kept telling him I wasn’t and tried to explain it before I gave up.

        Btw, no 4G on a device isn’t really a big deal. I’ve had the iphone5 since the day it came out and after the first few weeks I have been turning LTE off and use it only when I really need to which is like once a week. With LTE off I get a good day of Iphone battery, with it on I get around 4 hours. It’s horrible. Sure everything is almost instant but the 3G here is only a bit slower, I don’t even mind it.

      • 4G is different in Kuwait. To begin with everyone is using 3G (when possible) so it’s normally pretty slow when a lot of people are next to you because you’re all connected to the same tower. It’s sometimes slower than 2G when it’s really crowded. So 4G will spread people in a balanced way so that half are 3G, half 4G and a small portion using old Nokia phones on 2G. And to me, it’s kind of a must having 4G on a brand new phone that was just released but if all telecoms are using 1800 frequency then it won’t work, or Google releases an international Nexus 4.

  1. I read on theverge that the 4G works with the canadian carriers here. that would have been good news if I got it lol

  2. So if their phone actually contains the 4G/LTE chip and the service is there, why didn’t they announce it? What kind of secrecy policy are they trying to pull? BAD Google!

    One more thing.. no wonder the guy from Zain had no freaking clue what the heck you were talking about, and if you want my advice, don’t even bother visiting their branches, they won’t know nothing about nothing (Personal Experience)!

    • I think Google didn’t announce the 4G/LTE chip because of patent issues and that they were going to announce after things were resolved, but that’s just my guess.

      • Zain and other operators in Kuwait and ME are using 1800Hz (and 900Hz) frequency as LTE band. 700Hz and 2100Hz is reserved for military use in all EMEA regions.

    • You have to have a VPS connection, only people from the U.S can buy Nexus devices from Google. So you either go to the U.S or fake being in the U.S by using a VPS connection.

  3. I want to but moto nexus 6 1103-us version from amazon usa.. It has 1800 3 .will it work wit ooredoo kuwait..
    Or i need 800..

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