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Siri vs Google Now

10 Responses (including Facebook comments) to “Siri vs Google Now”

  1. to be fair … everyone now copying Mac and siri.. check in blackberry 10 .. they have siri copy paste LOL .. but i agree that google mobiles now getting better

  2. Im LOVING Google Now! Getting some info for it! Plus it gives me updates about my route home automatically! I’m gonna start using it more and more to get it smarter with use!

  3. I totally agree that google devices are way better than apple. I mean look at my Galaxy Note, isn’t it special? yes. Will be more awesome if I update it to Jelly bean!

  4. who cares who copied who. I’ll take whichever one is better. Sadly I need to buy an android device to use the better one. Siri really needs to step up her game! The iOS 6 improvements made to siri were really disappointing. I don’t want to ask what was the score between my 2 favourite teams, I want faster response times, more accurate voice to text, better voice recognition from. Not “Siri, how tall is Kobe Brian…. waits 5 seconds….”

    With each passing year my urge to get an android device grows! Especially since 4.1 came out!

  5. Just to be clear, we all know who copied who. Android copied iOS, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    Also, who told you Apple’s Siri copied Android’s crappy voice feature? Ever heard of voice control on the iPhone? Voice commands is an old idea anyway that existed way before Android.

    Stop lying to yourself. Just because you own a Google device does not mean it is the best.

    Power naps? One hour is much too long. Should only be 10-30 minutes max.

    • If you want to play the “who copied who” game there’s no ending to it. Apple copied other brands, they didn’t invent the first touch screen device nor the first tablet. They just made it better. Apple is very vocal about being shameless when stealing great idea’s ( no questions asked.

      I mentioned in my blog post Android has had the feature way before android, it wasn’t all that great nor was it popular. The voice feature is not “crappy”, that’s nothing more or less than your opinion. The video sets a pretty decent comparison between the two and a big thumbs up for Android.

      I’m not defending Android because I own one, I would be the first to switch to another OS if I believe it’s better. I’m all for open source, something iOS lacks completely (

      Power naps are not limited to 10-30 minutes, that’s what is recommended but thanks for the informative YouTube link. I should stick to 30 minutes here on.

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