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It’s Time to Wimd

8 Responses to “It’s Time to Wimd”

    • 1 year with MADA is KD 180 and gets you up to 10Mb. The words “up to” in Kuwait’s internet market unfortunately mean never/rarely.

      So it’s basically paying KD 180 for an unstable connection that will rarely get you KD 10Mb download


      paying KD 210 (+30KD more than Mada) for a connection that will give you 6Mb most of the time with no major stability issues with a 200GB Cap.

  1. I use Qualitynet gaming package & it is unlimited bandwidth with stable connection. I use 5 Mbps for 178 KWD.

    I would recommend you to use it for gaming because EU gives me 120-160 ms always. US East 200ms US west 260ms. Its pretty good.

    If you ever plan to go back to wired connection consider this strongly. My building is pretty old yet I get stable connection & good Qos. Maybe just KEMS was the issue. Just giving some insight.

    Good Luck

    • You’re not looking at the bigger picture. It doesn’t matter what DSL provider I pick, be it KEMS or Quality Net, I’ll still get a maximum of 2Mb speed because that’s how much my landline can take as maximum. Each area in Kuwait has a different capacity. Some landlines go up to 8Mb, while others go as low as 512KB.

      I no longer need to worry about this since WiMD uses wireless technology.

  2. good afternoon, Sir.

    I just want to enquire, if i do subscribe to a one one year package of ( 200 gb ) at speed of 6 mbps. Can the payment be done in full or through instalments and lastly the
    procedures or timeframe to get this installed in home.



    • They don’t have installments, one time payment only. As for installments, it takes around a week to install.

  3. I’m having similar issues with my landline which cannot take more than 1 Mb and still facing many disconnections.

    tried Mada (not consistent), Zain 4G & Viva 4G. Zain better coverage & bandwidth overall but facing issues indoors with 4G. I’m thinking if I manage to install a 4G external antenna I will get a better internet but don’t know where can get one installed.

    can you please give an update on the stability of WiMD so far!?

    • I’m overall pretty happy with it except when I game, I normally switch to KEMS. Then when I’m done I switch back to Wimd.

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  1. DJ Roland said: (on October 13, 2013 @ 08:41 pm)

    I just read the review on your blog. I download a lot, not movies though. So I take it the limit cap would not be favorable for me. However, since they have ones that are Unlimited, do you think they do provide such or are they just stating this on paper and behind the scenes they are actually capping a limit?! Do you know anyone out there who have subscribed for an Unlimited Annual Subscription?

  2. Kuwaitiful said: (on October 13, 2013 @ 08:47 pm)

    DJ Roland I know people that use to work there, theyre very honest with their "unlimited" policy, you really do get unlimited bandwith.

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