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Tablet Hunting

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  1. I would wait for the tablets that HTC is coming out with! They seem very cool and are running Honeycomb! I would give the Android tablets one more year to figure things out a bit! There are going to be kinks don’t get the first batch!

    Like you I really didn’t like the Galaxy tab! It just felt like a oversized phone!

  2. Marzouk your sort of contradicting yourself. Your recommending I wait for Flyer, and agreeing that the Galaxy is an oversized phone, well they’re both 7 inches. Which is why I’m not interested in Flyer(Though I really love hTC products).

    Beside that, Toshiba tablet is a dual core with a better front camera. So making a decision wasn’t a hard one between the two. I would love to see the Flyer and try it out though.

  3. I didn’t mean specifically the Flyer! I meant just HTC overall because they might be coming out with another tablet towards the end of the year! 7 inches is abit too small for tablet use! The Toshiba Tablet does look pretty good and the perfect size!

    Just wait it out a bit! I have a feeling they will have a few kinks to work out!

  4. well actually the main competitors in the tablet markets r the Samsung Galaxy Tab & of course the iPad.

    if u r looking for an android tablet my advice go for the 10.1 Galaxy Tab. As u mentioned before some of the android manufactures can not be reliable as in the case with Motorola, also the Toshiba. If u wanna go for an Android my advice go to Samsung.

    dont forget that the iPad is also a great tablet dude.

    one last thing to add, if u dont like either and maybe wanna try something really new, why not think of the HP tablet with WebOs for the opertaing system ?!

    • My point of viewis fairly simple. I like android, and I like Toshiba, I have had Toshiba laptops ever since I was 14, they still work by the way. So I’m really excited about them making a tablet. The market is not iPad vs Galaxy. You have Dell tablet, Acer tablet, Asus tablet, Motorola tablet and now Toshiba tablet. Even Sony is on the works of making one.

      I see that as a good thing, when the competition is this tense, the customer benefits more.

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