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Apple’s Been Losing It’s Common Sense

7 Responses to “Apple’s Been Losing It’s Common Sense”

  1. to be fair, both new iphones have a work around the reason apple kept from making the iphone bigger. The double tap (not press) the home button. But it’s different leadership apple is functioning under right now.

    I usually like the samsung ads as they’re kinda funny, however the latest ones are just very poorly done.

    I am one of those people who have been waiting for a bigger screen.

    • to be fair, the ad was done during the same same Apple leadership they were functioning under right now. Them saying a smaller screen is common sense then releasing a bigger screen has nothing to do with you wanting a bigger screen as justification.

  2. I’ll have to disagree. While a bigger screen went against their mantra of reachability, you have to understand that the market is ever changing. When the first iPhone was released, at 3.5 inches, it’s screen was considered MORE than ENOUGH. If I’m not mistaken, it was the first complete touchscreen phone as well, which was revolutionary. After that, every phone manufacturer on the market has opted for a full touch screen design. I don’t remember Apple making an ad to mock companies (Samsung included) who followed through. And screens eventually got bigger with time and expectations were higher. Apple at the end of the day is just a business, they are almost obligated to give consumers what they want. This move was a longggg time coming. It was inevitable. Samsung releasing ads to mock the move just shows how insecure they are because now Apple competes with 2 of their flagship smartphones.
    For the record, yes, I do use mostly Apple products but, no, I’m not a fan boy. I’m not averse to using gadgets from different companies but Apple’s stuff has always worked seamlessly for me. I ditched my iPhone 4 back in the day for an S3, which I enjoyed for a few months but after a year it drove me to insanity. Open source software has it’s strong points but leaving your software open like that also means leaving it open to further possible issues. It became laggy to the point where I was unable to use it as a PHONE to make calls! I gave up and ditched it for a 5s which, after almost a year, has never (and I mean never) given me any problems. It definitely felt the superior product compared to the S3. Anyways, to each his own, if someone prefers Samsung or LG or Nokia or WHATEVER, then by all means go for it but the whole comparing thing is just getting old. Sorry for the long post haha!

    • I’m not a fan of Samsung either, the only time I bought a Samsung was when the Nexus series got released by Samsung (Galaxy Nexus). I’m not a fan of Apple mocking bigger screens with a ‘common sense’ ad then releasing a bigger screen phone, they shot themselves in the foot on that one.

      • Yup, I def agree with you on that one, I thought the same exact thing when they unveiled. It was bound to happen eventually and they would have to give in to the pressure, releasing that ad does in fact kinda make them look silly. Wether they have a workaround the whole reach ability thing with that double tap on the home button option or not, the phone is still going to feel drastically different in the hand and I’m sure will require some getting used to. Which is why I think I’m gonna pick up an iPhone 6 and not the 6 plus. Entering phablet territory makes me wayyyy too nervous lol. But, like I said, I’m sure there are people out there who want that.

  3. It’s a sad truth but I believe that Apple’s downfall is inevitable. In the past, Steve Jobs left the company and Apple wasn’t doing well and he saved it when he went back. Now Steve Jobs is gone for good and history is repeating itself.

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